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Cat Tree
Item No.: YS-20077
Pet Star
100%polyester fabric ,sisal,jute particle board
color box

Size 35*35*H57 Wrapped with 380GSD chenille fabric ,comfortable feel ,5mm green sisal +5mm green jute,highly resilient and strong enough to withstand constant scratches satifsying the instinct of your restless kitten . give the cat a different scratch experience. Different from the popular single-pillar cactus cat tree sold in e-commerce and stores, this cat tree added two pillars of different heights and materials.

The diameter of the three pillars is 6CM,7CM and 7.8cm respectively.

The materials are chenille fabric, sisal and jute.

Suitable for cats of different sizes ,can meet their different scratch needs. The bottom plate is 1.5CM particle board,

Solid and stable base board . Added a green h ball on the top ,make the toy more fun ,more  attractive .can also be used as a home decoration ,allows your cat to play scratch and strech .