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Cat Tree
Item No.: ZJS-20535-3
Pet Star
100%polyester fabric ,sisal, particle board
color box

Size 40*40*H96 . Wrapped with 380GSD chenille fabric ,comfortable feel ,5mm green sisal ,natural safety non-toxic.

The diameter of the pillars are 8.3cm, and the bigger pillars make the cat tree more solid durable and stable 

Different with the popular single-pillar cactus cat tree sold in e-commerce and stores, this cat tree adds a chenille nest.

It meet the needs of the cat scratching and  climbing ,also giving the cat a comfortable and soft place to rest.

A green plush ball is hung next to the cat's nest to increase the playability of the cat tree.

The base board is 1.5CM particleboard, which is stable and durable. At the same time, it is also a good decoration to the home environment.

The  design is simple and has a strong sense of design, which is very attractive to both the cat and the owner.