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Wholesale Cat Supplies

Cat Rattan Furniture Cat Tower Scratching Post With Hammock
Cat Castle Condo Big Cat Scratching Post With Brush
Floor To Ceiling Cat Post Wood Cat Scratching Tree Tower Condo
Wood Cat Post Cat Brush Furniture Scratcher
Cat Sleeping House Rattan Climbing Cat Tower
Cat Halloween Bed Slipper Shaped Pet Bed
Large Cat Condo Stable Cat Scratching Post For Two Cats
Cat Scratch Ball Cat Toys Furniture With Rolling Ball
Cat Tunnel Bed Plush Round Cat Bed
Flower Shaped Cat Bed Designer Polar Fleece Cat Bed
Elegant Cat Furniture Factory Cat Tree With Scratchboard
Cat Tree Large Perch Cat Scratching Cube Tower With Large Bed

1. With more than 30,000 pet accessories available, we offer an extensive range of products to cater to diverse needs.
 2.With six factories spanning over 15 NFL football fields and employing over 1000 skilled professionals, we have the manufacturing capacity to meet large-scale production demands.
3. Our 80-person strong R&D team constantly develops new and innovative pet products.
4. Quality is at the core of our enterprise. Our factories hold BSCI and ISO9001 certifications, ensuring that our manufacturing processes and products meet international quality standards.
5.We understand the importance of customization and brand identity. Our professional design team works closely with clients to develop new products, create artworks, and design packaging. We welcome OEM/ODM projects to tailor our offerings to your specific requirements. 

Why Choose Us

Petstar has been a trusted manufacturer for over 20 years, offering comprehensive solutions for buyers and retailers through our expertise in OEM/ODM collaborations.

Strong design team

We have a design and R&D team of 80 people, which can easily realize your product design and produce 80 new products every month.

Free design

We accept OEM and ODM,can design product packaging, brand and display rack for free.

Fast Sampling

Experience expedited proofing in a mere 72 hours – Efficient and assured quality guaranteed!

Very professional

We pride ourselves on being the trusted supplier to some of the biggest names in the pet industry, including Walmart, Chewy, Petco, and more!

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