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Empfohlenes elektronisches Katzenspielzeug von Petstar Electronics Factory (Ausgabe 1)

Empfohlenes elektronisches Katzenspielzeug


Petstar is excited to unveil our latest series of electronic cat toys, designed to elevate playtime and interaction for cats. As a leading manufacturer with over 25 years of experience, we are committed to innovation and quality. Our new electronic cat toys are perfect for B2B customers, including retailers, supermarkets, and pet shops, who seek to offer unique and engaging products to their customers. This blog post will introduce four of our most innovative toys, each crafted to capture cats’ imaginations and provide endless entertainment.

YP2022010 Laser Tumbler Cat Toy

The Laser Tumbler Cat Toy is a sophisticated blend of technology and design, ensuring cats stay engaged and entertained. Here are its standout features:

Tumbler Design: The cat toy’s weighted base ensures it remains upright, wobbling unpredictably to intrigue and amuse cats.

Infrared Laser: Equipped with a red laser that projects unpredictable patterns on the floor, stimulating cats’ natural hunting instincts and encouraging active play.

Chicken Crowing Sound: The tumbler cat toy emits realistic chicken sounds, adding an auditory stimulus that captivates cats and encourages longer play sessions.

Automatic Standby: Designed with efficiency in mind, the laser cat toy enters standby mode after a period of inactivity, conserving battery life for extended use.

Replaceable Battery: Easy-to-replace batteries mean the fun never has to stop. Simply swap out the old batteries for new ones to keep the toy running.

YP2022001 Cat Ear Tumbler Toy

The Cat Ear Tumbler Toy combines multiple sensory stimuli to create an engaging play experience that keeps cats coming back for more. Key features include:

Tumbler Design: This ensures the toy remains upright and in motion, providing dynamic play opportunities.

Sound Activation: The toy emits intriguing sounds that capture cats’ attention and prompt interactive play, mimicking the sounds of prey to excite their natural instincts.

Light-Up Fish Toy: Inside the toy is a fish that lights up, adding a visual element that attracts cats and holds their interest.

Interchangeable Accessories: The toy includes a ping-pong ball and feather attachments that can be easily swapped out, offering variety and preventing boredom.

YT2022030 Interactive Electric Cat Toy

The Interactive Electric Cat Toy is designed to mimic the environment of a birdcage, bringing the outside world inside for an engaging play experience. Key features include:

Birdcage Design: The toy’s structure resembles a birdcage, piquing cats’ curiosity and encouraging exploration.

Bird Sounds: It emits realistic bird calls, providing an auditory stimulus that intrigues and captivates cats, promoting interactive play.

Removable Feather Toy: Equipped with detachable feather toys that can be replaced as needed, ensuring the toy remains engaging over time.

DT20200182 Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy

The Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy is designed to mimic the realistic movements of a fish, making it an irresistible toy for cats. Key features include:

Fish Shape: The realistic fish design appeals to cats’ predatory instincts, encouraging them to pounce, bite, and kick.

Lifelike Movements: The toy swings and flops like a real fish, capturing cats’ attention and providing an engaging play experience.

Catnip Inside: The toy can be filled with catnip, enhancing its attractiveness and making playtime even more exciting.

Rechargeable Battery: Comes with a USB charging port, making it convenient and eco-friendly. The rechargeable battery ensures the toy is always ready for play.


Bei Petstar, our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in our new line of electronic cat toys. These products are designed not only to entertain and engage cats but also to provide retailers, pet shops, and supermarkets with high-quality, unique items that will stand out in their product offerings. Our toys are crafted with the highest standards to ensure durability, safety, and endless fun for cats.

We invite B2B customers to explore our extensive range of electronic cat toys. By choosing Petstar, you are selecting products that will enhance your inventory and delight your customers. For more information or to place an order, please contact us today. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your sourcing needs, ensuring timely delivery and exceptional service.

Kontaktiere uns now to learn more about our innovative electronic Commitment to Quality and how they can benefit your business. Let’s bring the joy of play to cats everywhere!

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