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Factory Bestsellers: TOP5 Smart Pet Fountains & Feeders to Consider

Los más vendidos de fábrica TOP5 de comederos inteligentes para fuentes para mascotas a considerar
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Petstar is a global manufacturer of pet products. With its electronic pet product factory, Petstar boasts a dedicated research and development team. Our factory has independently developed a variety of intelligent electronic pet products, which have been well-received in the market with excellent feedback. As the trend toward smart technology grows, smart electronic pet products are becoming increasingly popular. Today, we introduce the top five best-selling smart pet fountains and pet feeders from Petstar’s electronic pet product factory. These five products are multifunctional and certified with CE, FC, and ROHS, ensuring quality assurance.

Smart Pet Fountains

Automatic Pet Water Fountain(DE20220001)

Smart Pet Fountains

Product Parameters

Product Name: Automatic Pet Water Fountain

Item No.:DE20220001

Water Capacity 2.5L

Item Weight:470g

Item Dimensions:19.5×1 7×14.5cm

Pump Voltage:5V

Rated Power:0.25W

Suitable for all cats and small dogs

【Note】This item is powered with USB.


Oxygen Cycle: Maintains internal water flow to ensure optimal oxygen circulation.

Quiet Operation: Runs quietly without any noise disturbance, suitable for both pets and owners.

Water Shortage Protection: Equipped with water shortage protection, automatically shutting off to prevent dry running.

USB Charging Cable: Compatible with USB interface for versatile indoor and outdoor use; can also be plugged into an adapter for continuous operation.

Replaceable Filters: Includes replaceable filters to remove impurities and ensure clean water for your pets.

Transparent Window: Provides a clear view of the water level, allowing for timely refills.

Smart Pet Drinking Fountain(DT2018341)

Fuentes inteligentes para gatos

Product Parameters

Item: DT2018341

Product Name: Smart Pet Drinking Fountain

Dimensions:20.5×20.5×18 cm

Water Capacity:3L

Material: ABS+PC

Application: Dogs Cats

Power supply: AC/DC adapter

DC power:12V/1A standard power supply

AC Input:100V-240V,50/60HZ


Infrared Sensor: Can detect pets approaching within a 1-meter range and activates the water dispenser.

Quiet Operation: Operates silently, ensuring no disturbance to pets or owners.

Oxygen Cycle: Internal water circulation maintains oxygen levels in the water.

3L Large Capacity: With a 3-liter capacity, there’s no need for frequent refills, ensuring pets have an ample water supply.

Water Shortage Protection: Equipped with water shortage protection, automatically shutting off to prevent dry running.

Replaceable Carbon Water Filter: Includes a replaceable carbon filter to remove impurities from the water, ensuring freshness.

Smart Pet Feeders

Pet Smart Feeder(YP2022015)

Smart Pet Feeders

Product Parameters

Product Name: Pet Smart Feeder

tem No.:YP2022015

Pet food Capacity:3L

tem Dimensions:346.5X191X352MM

Suitable for all cats and small dogs


3L Capacity: With a large 3L capacity, it eliminates the need for frequent refills, ensuring your pet’s daily food needs are met.

App Control: Supports WIFI connectivity for smartphone control, allowing for customized and healthy feeding schedules via the dedicated app.

No Food Jam: Ensures smooth food dispensing without clogging or jamming, providing uninterrupted feeding for your pet.

Dual Power Supply: Offers dual power supply options, allowing for both plug-in and battery operation, ensuring continuous operation even during power outages.

Lock Fresh: Keeps food fresh and preserves its nutritional value, ensuring each meal is as appetizing as the last.

Freeze-dried: Not only supports regular food but also accommodates freeze-dried options, providing versatility in feeding choices.

Smart Pet Feeder(YE99227)

Comederos automáticos para mascotas

Product Parameters

Product Name: Smart Pet Feeder

Item No.:YE99227

Dimensions:27×43.8×38 cm


Food Capacity:5.5L

Material: ABS+PP

Color: White/Gold/Silver/Blue

Application: Dogs Cats

AC Input:100V-240V,50/60HZ

Power Consumption:6W Max


App Control: Supports WIFI connectivity for smartphone control, allowing for customized and healthy feeding schedules via the dedicated app.

Timing of Feeding: Allows for scheduled feeding, with the option to set specific feeding times according to your pet’s routine.

Voice Record & Play Function: Enables recording of voice messages for your pet, adding a personalized touch to mealtime.

5.5L Large Capacity: With a generous 5.5L capacity, it eliminates the need for frequent refills, ensuring your pet’s daily food requirements are met.

Quantitative Feeding: Offers precise feeding control by allowing you to set the portion size, preventing overfeeding or underfeeding.

Easy To Remove & Wash: Designed for convenience, the food container is easily detachable for effortless cleaning, ensuring hygiene and freshness.

6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder(DE116471)

Comedero inteligente para perros

Product Parameters

Product Name:6 Meals Automatic Pet Feeder

Item No.:DE116471


Material:ABS, HIPS, PC, Silicone Rubber

Color:Blue,Pink,Light Grey,etc.

Packing: Color Box

Package size:342x342x112mm


1-6 Meals Per Day: Allows for programming of 1 to 6 meals per day, offering flexibility to accommodate your pet’s feeding schedule.

Smart Digital Touch Panel: Equipped with an intelligent digital touch panel, enabling easy touch-based settings and providing clear information such as time and battery level.

Schedule Meals in APP: Supports WIFI connectivity for smartphone control, allowing for scheduled feeding and meal tracking through the dedicated app.

Anti-seize Function: Designed to prevent food jams and avoid trapping pets’ paws, ensuring smooth and safe operation.

Seguro de calidad

Petstar Factory prides itself on strict production standards and quality control processes for Smart Pet Fountains and Smart Pet Feeders. From raw materials to finished products, and from production to packaging, every step follows standardized procedures and undergoes rigorous quality testing. Equipped with specialized laboratories featuring instruments such as Temperature and Humidity Chambers, Salt Fog Testers, and Tensile Machines, we conduct comprehensive experimental testing on our products. Smart Pet Fountains and Smart Pet Feeders are certified with CE, FC, ROHS, ensuring quality assurance and peace of mind for our customers.

Procurement Recommendations

Antes de tomar una decisión de compra, es fundamental realizar una investigación de mercado y diseñar un plan de adquisiciones adaptado a sus necesidades específicas.

Investigue su mercado y desarrolle un plan de adquisiciones:

Estudie y evalúe la demanda de fuentes y comederos inteligentes para mascotas en su mercado y región de ventas.

Con base en los hallazgos de su investigación de mercado y sus estrategias de ventas, formule su presupuesto y plan de adquisiciones.

Encuentre el proveedor adecuado:

Explore los canales en línea y fuera de línea para encontrar un proveedor que cumpla con sus requisitos.

Negociar los detalles de adquisición, como el precio del producto, la cantidad, la entrega y el transporte, con proveedores potenciales.

Finalice el contrato de adquisición y realice su pedido una vez satisfecho con los términos.

Tras la entrega del producto, comience las actividades de ventas en su mercado.

Preguntas frecuentes para compradores B2B de fuentes y comederos inteligentes para mascotas:

¿Ofrecen opciones de personalización para fuentes y comederos inteligentes para mascotas?

Los diferentes proveedores ofrecen distintos grados de personalización. En Petstar, normalmente ofrecemos opciones de personalización de colores, logotipos y empaques. Para una personalización más amplia en cuanto a estilo, tamaño o funcionalidad, consulte con nuestro equipo para explorar posibilidades.

¿Cuál es la cantidad mínima de pedido (MOQ) para las órdenes de compra y cuál es el plazo de entrega?

La cantidad mínima de pedido y el tiempo de entrega varían entre los proveedores. Petstar generalmente requiere una cantidad mínima de pedido de 1000 unidades para productos electrónicos para mascotas, con flexibilidad para pedidos iniciales de nuevos clientes que oscilan entre 300 y 500 unidades. Los plazos de entrega suelen ser de unos 45 días en promedio, y nuestro equipo de ventas proporciona detalles específicos.

¿Ofrecen envío internacional? ¿Cuáles son los costos de envío y tiempos de entrega?

Los arreglos de envío varían entre los proveedores. Petstar normalmente opera en términos FOB, entregando la mercancía a su agente de carga o organizando el transporte a través de nuestra red de agentes. Para conocer términos comerciales alternativos, consulte con nuestro equipo de ventas.

Para más consultas y recomendaciones, no dude en Contáctenos!


A medida que las fuentes y comederos inteligentes para mascotas continúan ganando popularidad, no solo mejoran la calidad de vida y la salud de las mascotas, sino que también reducen la carga de agua y alimentación para los dueños de mascotas, ofreciendo un estilo de vida moderno y conveniente tanto para humanos como para mascotas. En este artículo, presentamos las 5 fuentes y comederos inteligentes para mascotas más vendidos de Petstar's. producto electrónico para mascotas fábrica. Estos productos son desarrollados y diseñados internamente por Petstar, con funcionalidades ampliadas y garantía de calidad. Si está interesado, no dude en contactarnos y enviarnos sus consultas.


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