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New Arrival: Petstar's Comprehensive Cat Litter Product Line

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As a leading manufacturer in the pet supplies industry, Petstar is proud to introduce our new and diverse range of cat litter products. With over 25 years of experience, we understand the importance of providing high-quality, reliable, and innovative solutions for retailers, pet shops, supermarkets, and other B2B customers. Our cat litter products are designed to meet various needs, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty from end consumers. Here’s an in-depth look at some of our standout products:

Plant Cat Litter Series

Arena para gatos de paja de trigo

Our Wheat Straw Cat Litter is a natural, eco-friendly option made from high-quality wheat straw. This litter is flushable and highly absorbent, making it an excellent choice for controlling odors and maintaining a clean litter box. Its natural composition ensures safety for cats, and it’s an ideal choice for environmentally conscious retailers looking to offer sustainable products.

Cassava Cat Litter

Cassava Cat Litter is an economical and environmentally friendly product in our lineup. Made from natural cassava, this litter offers rapid clumping and high absorbency. Its ability to quickly manage cat waste helps keep the litter box fresh and odor-free. Additionally, cassava litter is dust-free, promoting better indoor air quality and minimizing respiratory issues for both pets and their owners.

Pea Fiber Cat Litter

Pea Fiber Cat Litter is crafted from natural pea fibers, boasting strong absorbency and excellent odor control. This lightweight litter is easy to handle and biodegradable, making it perfect for eco-friendly households. Its superior clumping ability ensures a clean and pleasant environment for cats.

Broken Pea Fiber Cat Litter

Our Broken Pea Fiber Cat Litter is an enhanced version of traditional pea fiber litter. With smaller particles, it absorbs liquids more rapidly and provides better odor control. This ensures that the litter box remains clean and dry, offering a more comfortable experience for cats.

Green Tea Scented Pea Fiber Cat Litter

We offer the Green Tea Scented Pea Fiber Cat Litter for those seeking an aromatic touch. This product combines the natural benefits of pea fiber with a refreshing green tea scent, helping to neutralize odors and keep homes smelling fresh. It’s an excellent choice for retailers who want to provide a fragrant and practical cat litter option.

Mineral Cat Litter Series

Broken Bentonite Cat Litter

Our Broken Bentonite Cat Litter is renowned for its superior clumping properties. It quickly locks in liquids, forming solid clumps that are easy to scoop, reducing the frequency of complete litter changes. This low-dust formula helps protect the respiratory health of both cats and their owners, making it a trusted choice for many households.

Bentonite Ball Cat Litter

Bentonite Ball Cat Litter features a uniform, high-quality bentonite particles that ensure rapid clumping and excellent odor control. This litter is highly absorbent and helps maintain a clean, dry litter box. Its minimal dust production makes it an excellent option for retailers looking for a reliable and clean solution.

Broken Bentonite Cat Litter with Carbon Particles

For enhanced odor control, our Broken Bentonite Cat Litter with Carbon Particles integrate carbon particles into the traditional bentonite formula. These carbon particles effectively absorb odor molecules, providing a longer-lasting fresh environment. This product is perfect for retailers seeking maximum odor control without compromising on clumping performance.

Crystal Cat Litter (Silica Gel Cat Litter)

Our Crystal Cat Litter, made from high-quality silica gel, offers superior absorbency and long-lasting odor control. The transparent particles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also allow for easy monitoring of litter usage, ensuring timely changes. Crystal litter’s low-dust properties further protect the respiratory health of pets and owners, making it a premium choice in our cat litter lineup.


Petstar is committed to providing the best cat litter solutions for B2B customers, ensuring high quality, competitive pricing, and a diverse range of products. Our extensive experience and robust production capabilities enable us to meet the varied needs of retailers, pet shops, supermarkets, and other businesses.

With our new product line, you can offer your customers top-notch cat litter products that guarantee satisfaction and loyalty. If you are interested in our comprehensive range of cat litter products, please contact us for more information. Our dedicated team is always ready to provide the best service and support, helping you save sourcing and buying time while ensuring the highest quality products for your market.

Contáctenos today to get more information and quotes on our products!

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