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Por que todo cachorro precisa de um cobertor?

Por que todo cachorro precisa de um cobertor

Dogs are more than just pets, they are precious members of our families. As responsible pet owners, it’s natural for us to want the best for our furry friends, and a simple but often overlooked comfort is a cozy blanket. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many reasons why every dog needs a blanket and address common questions like “Do dogs need blankets?” and “Why do dogs love blankets?”


Do Dogs Like Blankets?

The answer is yes! Dogs, like humans, also seek warmth and comfort. Wrapping yourself in a soft, familiar blanket can provide your dog with a sense of security and relaxation. It’s not uncommon to see your dog curled up on the couch or bed, covered with a blanket and contentedly wagging their tail.

Do Dogs Get Cold?

Absolutely. Just like humans, dogs can feel the cold, especially on cold nights or in cold climates. Common clinical symptoms of dog colds are coughing, sneezing, runny nose, dry nose, elevated body temperature, etc. When the dog’s respiratory disease worsens, symptoms of decreased mental appetite may also occur. While some breeds are naturally more cold-tolerant, especially smaller dogs, we must prepare them with the extra layer of warmth provided by a cozy blanket.

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Dog Blankets for Different Breeds and Sizes

When it comes to choosing the perfect dog blanket, considering the unique needs and characteristics of different breeds and sizes is essential. Here’s a guide to help you find the ideal blanket for your furry friend:


Small Dog Blankets

Small breeds, such as Chihuahuas or Pomeranians, often have higher metabolisms and can get chilly easily. Opt for soft, smaller blankets that provide warmth without overwhelming them. Look for materials like fleece or plush for added comfort.


Large Dog Blankets

Larger breeds like Great Danes or Saint Bernards require more substantial blankets. Look for options with durable, washable fabrics that can withstand their size and strength. Waterproof blankets can also be beneficial for larger dogs who may be more prone to drooling.


Cozy Blankets for Medium-Sized Dogs

Breeds like Beagles or Bulldogs fall into the medium-sized category. They may appreciate a blanket that strikes a balance between warmth and breathability. Consider materials that are soft yet sturdy, offering comfort without overheating.


Blankets for Hairless Breeds

Hairless breeds, like the Chinese Crested or the Xoloitzcuintli, benefit greatly from blankets to regulate body temperature. Opt for blankets made from insulating materials like fleece to provide the necessary warmth.


Breeds Prone to Anxiety

Algumas raças, como Border Collies ou Pastores Alemães, são conhecidas por sua alta energia e sensibilidade. Um cobertor de segurança feito de materiais macios e calmantes pode oferecer conforto em momentos de ansiedade ou situações estressantes.


Raças com pelagem grossa

Raças como Huskies ou Malamutes têm pelagens duplas e espessas que proporcionam isolamento. Embora possam não precisar de tanto calor, um cobertor mais leve feito de materiais respiráveis ​​pode ser uma ótima opção para um toque aconchegante sem superaquecimento.


Raças que adoram cavar

Raças Terrier, como Dachshunds ou Jack Russells, costumam gostar de cavar. Considere cobertores com uma textura confortável que lhes permita cumprir seu instinto natural e ao mesmo tempo fornecer calor.


Adaptable Blankets for Mixed Breeds

Para cães sem raça definida, é essencial considerar o tamanho, o comprimento da pelagem e as preferências individuais. Opte por cobertores versáteis que atendam às suas necessidades exclusivas, seja calor extra, respirabilidade ou elemento de segurança.


Senior Dogs

Older dogs, regardless of breed, may benefit from heated blankets to soothe achy joints and muscles. Look for options with adjustable heat settings and safety features.

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Benefits of Dog Blankets

Calor e Conforto

Blankets provide an additional layer of warmth, ensuring that your dog stays cozy, especially during colder seasons.


Security and Familiarity

Dogs are creatures of habit. Having a dedicated blanket can create a sense of security and familiarity, reducing anxiety.


Protection for Furniture

If your dog loves to snuggle on the couch, a designated dog blanket can protect your furniture from fur and dirt.


Enhanced Sleep

Blankets contribute to better sleep quality, and some dogs even enjoy being tucked in, mirroring their wild ancestors’ instinct to burrow for safety.


Convenience for Travel

Portable pet blankets make travel more comfortable for your furry friend, ensuring they have a familiar and comforting item wherever they go.

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While blankets offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to prioritize your dog’s safety. Ensure that the blanket is breathable, especially if your dog likes to burrow underneath. Avoid using electric blankets unless they are specifically designed for pets.

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