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R&D Ability

We consistently innovate and design new products to meet the the changing needs of the market and buyers.
Strong creativity in product design.
Global Diversity:
Diverse, with 80+ designers worldwide.
Consistently create 80 new products monthly.
Quickly adjust to changing trends.
Market Savvy:
Research-driven, tracking market trends.
Sustainability Focus:
Incorporate eco-friendly practices.

Our Services


Your Vision, Our Expertise,Your Pet Product Reality.

Brand Design Service

Tailoring Success, One Impression at a Time.

Display Design Service

Bringing Your Products to Life!

Free Packaging Design Service

Unlock Your Brand's Potential.

R& D Team

Our R&D team comprises more than 80 individuals, and we introduce a fresh lineup of over 80 new products each month. Annually, we allocate a substantial investment of over $2 million toward research and development, all in pursuit of consistently enhancing pet products.

Design Honors & Awards

Our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition within the industry.

Sustainability & Environmental Design

We are passionate about sustainable and environmentally friendly design practices.

In our eco-friendly collections, we proudly incorporate fabrics crafted from recycled plastic bottles, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to sustainability and environmentally responsible design practices.

Customer Collaboration Case

We specialize in helping customers bring their unique product ideas to life through tailored design and innovation services.

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