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Dog Beds Manufacturer

Monthly Capacity: 300,000pcs ≈220X40HQ      

Factory Audit: BSCI, SEDEX 

Certificates: GRS, OEKO-TEX, ISO9001-2015, FSC

Wholesale Dog Beds

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Welcome to Petstar Pet Beds Factory! With over 20 years of professional experience in designing and producing pet beds, we take pride in our expertise. Our range of products includes square beds, round beds, oval beds, polygon beds, cushions, blankets, sofa-style beds, cave beds, and tent-style beds. We have also extended our innovation to various fabrics and fillings, resulting in a diverse collection of functional pet beds. Explore cooling beds for your pets’ comfort during hot seasons, eco-friendly RPET beds that align with sustainable practices, waterproof beds for easy maintenance, self-warming beds to keep your furry friends warm, portable outdoor beds for on-the-go adventures, and even health-enhancing beds.

At Petstar, quality and authenticity are paramount. Our pet beds have received certifications from GRS, OEKO-TEX, FSC, and more, ensuring that your pets are enjoying products that meet high standards. We also provide OEM/ODM services, allowing you to customize pet beds according to your preferences.

Pet Beds Style For Choose

We provide mass customization of dog beds. We can implement any style. You can tell us which style you need.

Cushion Bed
Oval Bed
Bolster Bed
Pillow Bed
House Bed
Round Bed
3 in 1 Bed
Rectangle Bed
Polygon Bed
Donut Bed
Sofa Bed

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a full-category pet supplies supplier, so our dog bed range is very complete.

We mainly produce and wholesale cushion or pillow beds, orthopedic dog beds, raised or elevated dog beds, donut or bolster beds, nesting beds, heated or cooling dog beds, travel dog beds, cave or hooded beds, outdoor dog beds, luxury dog beds, human dog beds, sofa dog beds, large dog beds, etc.

The above are some basic dog beds. At the same time, we also produce and wholesale dog beds with special functions, such as eco dog beds, antibacterial dog beds, waterproof dog beds and antistatic dog beds, etc.

In addition, our factory can perform mass customization according to buyers’ needs. We can customize everything from the shape,size, color, fabric, logo, packing,  filling and functions of the dog bed.

If you have any needs, you can contact us, we look forward to cooperating with you.

We have our own factories around the world, so dog beds can be made in USA, China, Cambodia, Poland, etc. We will arrange a production factory for you based on your order status and try our best to save you costs.

Petstar, as a professional dog bed exporter, was established early in 1998 so our pet industry experience strength is undoubted. We have a factory area spanning 230,000 square meters, supported by a design team of 80 professionals, spread across 9 factories. Additionally, we boast dedicated teams for proofing and quality control. Until now, we have realized the complete supply chain system. More than 100 pet product suppliers have maintained long-term cooperation with us. Based on the above, we can always provide preferential prices. Our product categories are over 8,000 for you to choose from. We introduce over 80 new products every month. If you are a dog bed distributor or dog bed importer, welcome to contact us to source dog beds from us!

Market Research: Petstar conducts thorough research on market trends, other dog bed wholesalers, and competitor offerings to gain insights that inform the design process.


Concept Proposal: Petstar develops initial concepts and proposals for customized dog bed designs based on the findings from their market research.


Product Requirement Review: Petstar reviews and refines product requirements, considering dog bed dealer needs, budget constraints, and technical feasibility.


Feasibility Analysis: Petstar evaluates the feasibility of proposed designs in terms of manufacturing capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and timeline.


Product Definition Review: Petstar defines the specifications, features, and functionality of the customized dog bed based on the finalized requirements.


Detail Design and Validation: Petstar finalizes detailed design elements and validates their effectiveness through testing and analysis.


Product Detailed Design Review: Petstar conducts a comprehensive review of the product design, considering factors such as aesthetics, ergonomics, and manufacturability.


Sample Assembly and Testing: Petstar assembles and tests samples to assess their functionality, durability, and user experience.


Sample Confirmation Review: Petstar reviews and approves prototypes or samples to ensure they meet the specified design criteria and quality standards.


Small Approval Equipment and Trial Production: Petstar produces customized dog beds to evaluate manufacturing processes and identify any potential issues.


Trial Production Review: Petstar gathers feedback from pilot production to make any necessary adjustments or refinements to the design or manufacturing process.


Project Information Submission: Petstar compiles all relevant information, including design specifications, testing results, and feedback, for project documentation and future reference.

Petstar, as one of the excellent China dog bed complies with globally recognized certifications such as GRS, OEKO-TEX, ISO 9001, FSC, FCCA, SGS, BSCI, and SEDEX, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. These certifications reflect our commitment to responsible manufacturing practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. By maintaining compliance with these rigorous standards, we guarantee that our products are not only top-quality but also ethically produced and environmentally friendly, providing peace of mind to our customers and partners worldwide.

1. Identify Your Needs with Petstar

To identify your needs with dog bed factory-Petstar, decide on the type of dog bed you require, such as orthopedic, bolster, heated, or outdoor options; Consider the materials you prefer, like memory foam, cotton, or waterproof fabrics;

Determine if you need customized options regarding size, color, or branding with Petstar. If you want to customize dog bed or cat bed in bulk, you need to describe your requirements clearly which should include types of dog beds, material choices such as PVC dog beds wholesale, and customization options such as size, color, or private label dog beds. We support fabric, size, filler, packaging, and brand customization.

Last, don’t forget to inquire about price and delivery time with the dog bed company Petstar.

2. Evaluate Petstar’s Credentials and Assess Product Quality

Petstar, which provides dog beds wholesale bulk, has achieved BSCI, SEDEX, and SCAN/SCS certifications. These certifications were awarded after thorough assessments by professional and authoritative factory inspection organizations, which evaluated various aspects of Petstar’s factory, including production processes, management practices, and quality control systems.

3. Compare Pricing and MOQs between different dog bed exporters – take Petstar as an example

To compare pricing and minimum order quantities, get quotes from multiple dog bed exporters to compare costs, and consider the minimum order quantity (MOQ) required by each manufacturer. Petstar’s MOQ range from 100 pieces to 300 pieces. However, this is not fixed, you can negotiate with your supplier to adjust this quantity. So before you make a purchase decision, you need to know the limitations.

4. Check Petstar’s Manufacturing Capabilities

Factory manufacturing capabilities play an important role in the process of dog beds wholesale bulk.

With a workforce of 1000 employees across 9 factories and a production area spanning over 15 NFL football fields, Petstar boasts extensive manufacturing experience, a diverse product range, substantial production capacity, and a steadfast commitment to quality, solidifying its position as a leading player in the pet products industry.

5. Visit the Dog Bed Factory

To bulk buy dog beds, you should choose suppliers carefully, so visiting the factory is also a good way to screen suppliers.

Additionally, if possible, arrange an on-site visit to the factory to observe the production process, inspect the quality control measures, and verify that the facilities meet industry standards and your specific requirements. This visit can provide valuable insights into the manufacturer’s operational efficiency, adherence to safety protocols, and overall capability to meet your production needs.

Yes, we offer OEM and ODM services for dog beds, providing customized solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our products are crafted to high standards, ensuring quality, comfort, and durability. If you want to know the price needed for the OEM&ODM dog bed, you can get in touch with our salesperson to know more details! 

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