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Cat Beds Maunufacturer

Monthly Capacity: 300,000pcs ≈220X40HQ      

Factory Audit: BSCI, SEDEX 

Certificates: GRS, OEKO-TEX, ISO9001-2015, FSC

Wholesale Cat Beds

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Round Plush Cat Cave Antibacterial Comfort Bed
Cuddle Cave Pet Bed Large Cat Cave Bed
Cat Caves Beds Super Soft Pet Bed Cave
Felted Cat Bed Grey Felt Pet Bed
Winter Cat Bed Best Dog Bed For Small Dogs
Pets Halloween Bed Soft Round Donut Pet Bed
Valentine Cat Bed Dog Flower Bed For Pet
Plush Donut Dog Bed Customized Cat Beds For Sale
Nest Cat Bed Sleeping Fuzzy Round Dog Bed

Professional Cat Beds Factory

Petstar is one of the world’s largest cat bed manufacturers. Our cat beds are mainly made in China, USA, Cambodia, and Poland, which can save you shipping costs and provide localized services. After more than 20 years of experience accumulation, we have rich experience in the design, customization, production and wholesale of cat beds. We wholesale and produce a wide variety of cat beds, including heated cat bed, cat couch, cat blanket, cat cave bed, cat tunnel bed, cat window bed, elevated cat bed, outdoor cat bed, cute cat beds, cat donut bed, cat hammock bed, etc.

At Petstar, quality and authenticity are paramount. Our pet beds have received certifications from GRS, OEKO-TEX, FSC, and more, ensuring that your pets are enjoying products that meet high standards. We also provide OEM/ODM services, allowing you to custom cat beds according to your preferences. Let’s talk about your cat bed bulk order needs!

Rich Cat Beds Style For Choose

We provide mass custom made and cat beds. We can implement any style. You can tell us which style you need.

Cushion Bed
Oval Bed
Bolster Bed
Pillow Bed
House Bed
Round Bed
3 in 1 Bed
Rectangle Bed
Polygon Bed
Donut Bed
Sofa Bed

Frequently Asked Questions

As a cat cave company with more than 20 years of production experience, we have strong design, R&D and product manufacturing capabilities, as well as diversified product styles and types. The cat beds we mainly produce and wholesale include:

Basic style cat bed: What we produce and wholesale most is the traditional cat bed, such as cat cave, bolster cat beds, orthopedic cat beds, cat blankets, cat pillow beds, cat heated beds, etc. We can customize the fabric, pattern, size and packaging according to your needs.

Multifunctional cat beds: These beds may have multiple functions, such as bedding, cat nests, claw grinding boards, etc.

Creative design styles: We also provide some creatively designed cat beds, such as cute animal shapes, interesting patterns, etc., to attract consumers’ attention.

High-end style cat beds: Some cat owners may pursue high-end cat beds, and we can provide high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to meet this market demand.

Customized cat beds: In order to meet the needs of different customers, we also provide the service of customized cat beds, allowing customers to choose styles, colors and sizes according to their preferences.

We continue to strive to meet market demand and provide one-stop cat bed wholesale and manufacturing through continuous innovation and improvement of product quality.

Extensive Product Range: Petstar  offers a comprehensive range of pet accessories, including pet beds, cushions, houses, cat furniture, cat scratchers, toys, and pet electronic products. Petstar can provide customers with a convenient one-stop source for all  pet product requirements. This simplifies the sourcing process and ensures consistency in product quality and design.

Decades of Experience: With over 20 years of experience in the pet products industry, Petstar has built a strong foundation in market research, design, production, sales, and after-sale service. This extensive experience ensures that customers benefit from a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Global Presence: Petstar has a global footprint, with five factories in China and four overseas factories. This international reach enables us  to cater to a diverse clientele and ensures efficient production and distribution.

Dedicated Workforce: With 1800 global employees and 400+ overseas employees, Petstar has a dedicated and skilled workforce that is committed to delivering high-quality pet products. Our team’s expertise and commitment are key assets.

Innovative R&D Team: Petstar 70+ strong R&D team focuses on continuous innovation and product development. This enables us to stay ahead of market trends, introducing new and improved pet accessories that meet the evolving needs of customers.

Impressive Turnover: With a turnover of 300 million, Petstar demonstrates financial stability and reliability as a business partner. This level of turnover signifies our successful track record in the industry.

High Production Capacity: Petstar’’s production capacity of 650x40HQ demonstrates our ability to meet the demands of a large and diverse customer base. We have the resources and capabilities to scale production to accommodate orders of various sizes.

Complete Service Offering: From market research and product design to production, sales, after-sale service, and even local warehouses and logistics, Petstar offers a complete suite of services. This end-to-end approach ensures that customers receive comprehensive support at every stage of their partnership.

Our cat beds can be sold all over the world and are mainly made  in USA, China, Cambodia, and Poland. We have our own cat bed factories in China, the United States, Cambodia, and Poland. We arrange production factories for you based on your order and your country.

Fabric Inspection: Before production begins, we conduct a thorough inspection of the fabric to ensure there are no defects. This is a critical step to ensure the quality of final products.

Fabric Quality Testing: Along with visual inspection, we also perform various tests on the fabric, such as tensile testing, pilling resistance testing, and color fastness testing. These tests help ensure that the fabric meets the required quality standards.

Fabric Cutting: After fabric inspection, we move on to the cutting phase. We use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to create patterns for cutting. There are two cutting methods: manual cutting for special shapes and machine cutting for regular shapes. This combination of methods helps improve production efficiency.

Sewing: Once the fabric is cut, it’s moved to the sewing area, where we have a team of over 100 workers. This area is where the actual assembly of cat beds takes place.Our monthly capacity of cat beds is 300,000 pieces, so we can complete the production of large quantities of orders in a short period of time.

Filling: After sewing, the products move to the filling procedure. This step involves adding the necessary filling materials to complete the cat beds. There are many fillers we can provide, such as 2D PP cotton, 3D  PP cotton,superfine fiber,7D PP cotton,brown PP,wire coil mat,bamboo char-coal sponge,egg crate sponge,cool gel,memory foam, etc.

Final Inspection: A critical quality control step is the final inspection of the finished products. We check for any loose threads and ensure the sewing is of high quality. Additionally, we use an auto metal detector to ensure there are no metal objects inside the products, which is important for pet safety.

Packing:Normally, the packaging we provide for cat beds is PP bags and carton packaging. We will also pack goods according to the needs of buyers. For example, for e-commerce customers who need to save volume, we provide compressed roll packaging.

Warehousing and Shipping: We have a 14,000 square meter warehouse with the capacity to deliver 650 containers per month. This indicates our ability to store and efficiently ship the finished products to our customers.

Normally, we will make a quotation based on the buyer’s needs. Please contact our customer service and provide your purchasing needs.

Of course, we are a factory and providing customization is our biggest advantage.Not only can we put your logo on the cat bed  for you, we can customize everything you need. Normally, the logo methods we provide include woven label, leather label, printed logo, electric embroidery, hot stamping, etc.

Yes,sample order is available.We will make samples according to your requirements and send them to you before you place a large order.

Yes, sue. We have a design team of 80 people who can help you design products, packaging, display rack, brands, etc.

Of course, the materials used in our eco-friendly cat beds are made from recycled plastic bottles. Petstar has always been committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. We strive to become a one-stop cat cave supplier so that every buyer can find their favorite product here.

The best cat bed we sold this year is:

Orthopedic cat Beds: These are great for older cats or those with arthritis or joint issues. They provide extra support and comfort.

Heated cat Beds: Especially useful in colder climates, heated beds provide warmth and can be soothing for cats. Some are electric, while others use self-warming materials.

Enclosed cat Beds or Cat Caves: Many cats like the security and privacy provided by enclosed spaces. Cat caves or igloo-style beds offer a cozy hideaway.

Raised cat Beds: Some cats prefer beds that are off the ground. Raised beds, hammocks, or window perches allow your cat to observe their surroundings from an elevated position.

Soft and Plush cat Beds: Cats often enjoy soft and plush materials. Look for beds made from comfortable, warm fabrics.

Interactive cat Beds: Some beds come with attached toys or features that engage your cat. These can be especially beneficial for active or playful cats.

Washable cat Beds: Cats can be messy, so having a bed with a removable, machine-washable cover is convenient for keeping things clean.

Catnip-Infused cat Beds: If your cat is a fan of catnip, you might consider a bed infused with catnip to make it more enticing.

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