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Have experience working with Panasonic.​Including CQC, SCAN, BSCI and other certification reports to satisfy various customer needs.Acquired 190 patented technologies and 79 government awards. ​

Wholesale Pet Electronics

Electronic Rotating Feather Cat Toy
Tumbler Design With Bird Calls Cat Electric Ball
Bird Cage Shape Sound of Birds Interactive Electric Cat Toy
Electric Louch To Sound Flashing Cat Tumbler Toy
Laser Tumbler Chasing Cat Toys
Electric Remote Control Car Dog Toy
Wholesale 2.5L USB Charging Cat Water Dispenser
Super Quiet Easy To Clean Automatic Cat Drinking Fountain
Pet Wobbler Interactive Tumbler Cat and Dog Food Puzzle Toy
Smart Electronic Auto 6 Meal Trays Cat & Dog Timed Feeder
Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box
Electronic Mouse Cat Toy With App Remote Control

Petstar is a professional manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in doing pet electronic and relevant products. There are R&D team and design experts nearly 80 members. A super large production space 12000 square meters with advanced equipment and professional personnel are eligible to reach daily capacity 24000PCS,monthly capacity 70w+PCS.In the tooling centre, 233 sets of moulds can match various product demands. Petstar assembly workshop are qualified to meet the standard: Dust-free clean, anti-static, Entrance guard system,On-site 5S Management.

Why Choose US

Huge Experiences with big Cusotmers

Petstar’s business scope involves in Electronic intelligent pet supplies, pet toys, pet mattress, cat trees, pet clothing, pet food and the whole category of pet product series. Particularly worth mentioning is our key cooperative customer—Panasonic, as well as, Petstar is the the biggest pet feeder, water dispenser supplier of Panasonic,  the annual purchase volume NO, 1, total 4 type of pet products which we are manufacturing for them. Besides, Petstar established long-term and stable cooperative relations with domestic and foreign large retailers and e-commerce companies, such as Kmart,Chewy, Walmart, Amazon, etc. Annual output value appropriately $55000 in 2021.

5 Advanced Electronics Laboratories

Petstar has 5 specialized electronic laboratories: Mechanical, Electronics, Special Purpose, and Durable. These labs are equipped with various testing equipment like Tensile testing machines, Constant temperature and humidity chambers, Frequency spectrum analyzers, Single-wing drop testers, BXR 606 ROHS testers, Hot and cold shock chambers, and Salt spray testing machines. They can perform RoHs testing, material weather resistance, thermal shock, environmental aging, transportation vibration, packaging drop, and whole machine aging tests. With dedicated test engineers, Petstar covers the entire product development and testing process, meeting quality inspection requirements for diverse products.

High standard workshop

Petstar assembly workshop are qualified to meet the standard: Dust-free clean, anti-static,  Entrance guard system,On-site 5S Management.
Additionally, It fulfil the quality inspection requirements of different types of products. Have a professional QC team who are focusing on the incoming material, process, finished product quality monitoring and management.
Petstar electronic products, made a number of product certification, including CQC, SCAN, BSCI and other certification reports, to satisfy various customer needs. The honor of Petstar won already is also remarkable, acquired 190 patented technologies and 79 government awards.

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