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CIPS 2023 Exhibition Invitation

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Event Details

We sincerely invite you to attend the China International Pet Show (CIPS) 2023, one of the most important trade shows in the pet industry.

Petstar Exhibition information:

Date: December 7-10, 2023
Location: Shanghai
Booth number: 5.151B-023 and 5.151B-131

We are honored to have you attend our exhibition, at our booths 5.151B-023 and 5.151B-131, we will showcase our latest products, innovations and services. The event will provide the pet industry with an excellent opportunity to network, gain insights and explore new business prospects.

About Petstar

Petstar should currently be one of the largest pet products manufacturers in China.What are our advantages? 

Firstly, we provide the production of all categories of pet products. Our main products are pet beds, cat trees, pet clothing, pet electronic products, pet toys, etc. Whether you are a buyer, supermarket or e-commerce customer, you can find suitable products here.

Secondly, we have strong manufacturing capabilities. We can provide OEM and ODM services to customers and have 8 factories around the world, located in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. Therefore, we can not only provide you with production services in China, but we can also produce goods for you overseas, saving you transportation costs.

Thirdly, we focus on product quality. We use high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure our pet products are of superior quality and durability. This helps increase customer satisfaction and builds a good reputation.

Fourthly, we have extensive industry experience. Petstar has been operating in the pet products manufacturing field for more than 20 years and has accumulated rich industry knowledge and experience. This enables us to better meet our customers’ needs and provide competitive products.

Fifthly, we focus on environmental protection and sustainability. When manufacturing pet products, we are committed to reducing negative environmental impact and using sustainable production methods and materials. This helps meet growing consumer concerns about environmental protection and adds appeal to your business.

Sixthly, our customer service team is professional and efficient. We are committed to providing customers with excellent customer support to ensure that they receive timely help and support during the cooperation process. Whether it’s about product information, order tracking or after-sales service, we are here to help our customers.

petstar factory


Welcome to participate in Petstar’s exhibition. For more exhibition information, please pay attention here. We look forward to meeting you at CIPS to discuss business!

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