Furniture Cat Litter Box Design Wooden Cat Litter Box Furniture

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Cat Furniture

We are furniture cat litter box manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We offer customization options for color, size, fabric, pattern, logo, and other features.


Features Of Furniture Cat Litter Box

1. Perfect Height (68cm): Our furniture cat litter box stands at an ideal height of 68cm. This provides an elevated space for your cats to play, rest, and explore comfortably. Its ergonomic design is perfect for both cats and their owners.

2. Dual Hidden Spaces: Say goodbye to unsightly litter boxes and pet supplies cluttering your living space. Our furniture boasts not one but two concealed compartments. These hidden spaces are ingeniously designed to discreetly house your cat’s essentials, keeping your home neat and organized.

3. Double Cat Entrances: Convenience is key. We’ve thoughtfully incorporated two cat entrances into the furniture’s design, ensuring that your furry friends can easily access their private spaces. These entrances are strategically positioned for your cats’ ease and comfort.

4. Two Soft Cushions: Comfort is paramount, and our furniture doesn’t compromise. It comes with two soft cushions, providing your cats with a cozy and inviting place to lounge, relax, and snooze in style.

5. Dual Storage Spaces: Staying organized has never been easier. Our Modern Cat Condo Furniture features two spacious storage compartments. They are perfect for keeping your pet supplies, accessories, or any other household items neatly stored away, reducing clutter and enhancing your living space.

6. Customizable Design: We understand that your customers’ preferences vary, so we offer a customizable design option. Your clients can choose their preferred finish, ensuring that this piece of furniture seamlessly matches their home’s interior decor.

7. Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond its practical features, our Modern Cat Condo Furniture adds an element of sophistication to your living space. Its sleek, modern design and tasteful appearance complement your home’s interior, making it a seamless addition to your decor.


Poplar Plywood
Solid Wood Toothed Plate
CARB Board
MDP Board


Pineapple Texture Fabric
100% Polyester Fur
Fancy Velboa
Long Fur Velboa
teddy velboa
Teddy Velboa

Professional Factory

With an illustrious history spanning more than 20years, Petstar Cat Tree Factory stands as a true industry veteran in manufacturing. We have garnered a wealth of experience in crafting both cat trees and cat furniture. Our diverse range of materials ensures versatility in design. At the same time, our innovative creations include wall-mounted cat shelves, floor to ceiling cat trees, and customizable DIY cat trees – all of which have gained widespread acclaim.

Our cat tree creations boast certifications including FSC, SGS, and BSCI. As advocates for versatility, we proudly offer OEM and ODM services, allowing you to bring your vision to life or explore our existing designs, meticulously tailored to suit your preferences.

Explore our range of certified, innovative cat towers and let us assist you in crafting the ideal products for your customers. Contact us today to inquire about the cat tower that suits your preferences and requirements. Your feline-loving clientele will thank you for it!

We specialize in manufacturing cat trees & cat furniture which come in a variety of materials, and we also welcome ODM/OEM.

20+ years dedicated ourselves to the research, development, and manufacturing of cat trees.

80+ designers provide customers with one-stop service from product development to end.

230,000+production area can support mass production and ensure delivery time and quality.

30,000+ Product support one-stop purchasing,allowing you to stay at the forefront of the pet industry.

How to Cooperate?

Tell us your idea or show us any photo about what you want to make.
We will according to your request to make 2D drawing to let you confirm the size.
Then we will make 3D drawing
cat tree 2D Drawing
cat tree 3D
Finally we will send the sample to customers
Mold lead time
Confirm the structure and the function
cat tree prototype
make cat tree
cat tree photo

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1.What products do you manufacture?

Petstar is a global manufacturer specializing in high-quality pet products. We produce a wide range of pet supplies, including pet beds,cat trees & furniture,pet toys, pet grooming tools, feeding accessories,pet apparel,pet electronics,pet collar & leash, harness and more.

2.Do you offer customization or private labeling for pet products?

Yes, we provide customization and private labeling services for our pet products. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

3.How can I become a distributor or partner with Petstar?

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or partnering with us, please reach out to our business development team. We welcome collaborations and partnerships worldwide.

4.Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale orders?

MOQ requirements may vary depending on the product. Please contact our sales team for MOQ details and pricing for wholesale orders.

5.What Is Your Payment Term?

Payment Term: T/T,30% deposit, and balance is after the order is finished.

6.Can i get a sample?

Yes, we understand the importance of evaluating the quality of our products before making a larger commitment. We offer sample requests for our pet products. Please contact our team inquire about sample availability and pricing.

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