Pet Cooling Mats Pads For Dog

Product Specification:
XS:27X16CM, S:36X22CM, M:42X28CM, L:52X42CM
Item Type:
Pet Beds

We are a pet beds manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We offer customization options for color, size, fabric, pattern, logo, and other features.


Features Of Pet Cooling Mats

  1. Cooling Mat Bliss: Elevate your pet’s lounging experience with our cutting-edge Pet Cooling Mats technology. The specialized cooling gel material ensures a soothing and refreshing surface for your dog to relax on, making it the ideal retreat on hot days.
  2. Advanced Gel Technology: Our dog cooling mats utilize advanced cooling gel technology to provide a sustained coolness effect. The gel efficiently absorbs and dissipates your pet’s body heat, offering a sense of relief and preventing overheating.
  3. Tailored to Fit: We understand that pets come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why our cooling mats are available in customizable dimensions. Choose the perfect size for your pet’s bed, crate, or favorite resting spot, ensuring a snug fit and maximum cooling efficiency.
  4. Summer Essential: Beat the heat with our Pet Cooling Pads – the must-have accessory for every pet owner this summer. Watch as your furry companion lounges in comfort, enjoying the coolness of our mats during the hottest days.
  5. Chill in the Fridge: For an extra dose of refreshment, our mats can be conveniently placed in the refrigerator for a short period. This simple step enhances the cooling effect, providing your pet with a chilly oasis to escape the heat.
  6. Seamless Integration: Upgrade your pet’s bed with ease by placing our cooling mats inside. The flexible design allows for seamless integration, ensuring your pet’s comfort without compromising their favorite sleeping spot.

Style Options

Square Beds, Round Beds, Oval Beds, Polygon Beds, Cushions, Blankets, Sofa-Style Beds, Cave Beds, House Beds, Tent-Style Beds, ect.

Fabric Options

We have a variety of fabrics for customers to choose from, such as jacquard, oxford, PV plush, corduroy, woolen, lambswool, knit, rabbit fur, etc. Please contact us for more fabric needs.

PV Plush
Rabbit Fur

Filling Options

Shredded sponge,memory foam,spray-bonded cotton,PP cotton,bamboo char-coal sponge,cooling gel sponge,coil springs,egg crate sponge are available. More options please contact us!

Shredded Sponge
Bamboo Char-Coal Sponge
Memory Foam
Cooling Gel Sponge
Spray-Bonded Cotton
Coil Springs
PP Cotton
Egg Crate Sponge

Professional Pet Beds Factory

Welcome to Petstar Pet Beds Factory! With over 20 years of professional experience in designing and producing pet beds, we take pride in our expertise. Our range of products includes square beds, round beds, oval beds, polygon beds, cushions, blankets, sofa-style beds, cave beds, and tent-style beds. We have also extended our innovation to various fabrics and fillings, resulting in a diverse collection of functional pet beds. Explore cooling beds for your pets’ comfort during hot seasons, eco-friendly RPET beds that align with sustainable practices, waterproof beds for easy maintenance, self-warming beds to keep your furry friends warm, portable outdoor beds for on-the-go adventures, and even health-enhancing beds.

At Petstar, quality and authenticity are paramount. Our pet beds have received certifications from GRS, OEKO-TEX, FSC, and more, ensuring that your pets are enjoying products that meet high standards. We also provide OEM/ODM services, allowing you to customize pet beds according to your preferences.

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1.What products do you manufacture?

Petstar is a global manufacturer specializing in high-quality pet products. We produce a wide range of pet supplies, including pet beds,cat trees & furniture,pet toys, pet grooming tools, feeding accessories,pet apparel,pet electronics,pet collar & leash, harness and more.

2.Do you offer customization or private labeling for pet products?

Yes, we provide customization and private labeling services for our pet products. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

3.How can I become a distributor or partner with Petstar?

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or partnering with us, please reach out to our business development team. We welcome collaborations and partnerships worldwide.

4.Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale orders?

MOQ requirements may vary depending on the product. Please contact our sales team for MOQ details and pricing for wholesale orders.

5.What Is Your Payment Term?

Payment Term: T/T,30% deposit, and balance is after the order is finished.

6.Can i get a sample?

Yes, we understand the importance of evaluating the quality of our products before making a larger commitment. We offer sample requests for our pet products. Please contact our team inquire about sample availability and pricing.

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