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Petstar Invited to Speak at 2024 Shanghai Pet Fashion Week Press Conference on the Theme of "Human-Pet Coexistence"

2024 Shanghai Pet Fashion Week Press Conference

On March 9th, the press conference for the “PETJOY Pet Carnival and Shanghai Pet Fashion Week 2024” was held at the Shanghai International Fashion Center.

Ms. Zhang Xin, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shanghai International Fashion Center Management Co., Ltd., introduced that since 2018, the PETJOY Pet Carnival, organized by Shanghai Textile Fashion Industry Development Co., Ltd., and hosted by Shanghai International Fashion Center, has become a joyful feast for pet lovers in Shanghai. After six years of accumulation, the 2024 “PETJOY Pet Carnival” will be held from March 23rd to 25th, featuring a new upgrade – the event will introduce the Shanghai Pet Fashion Week, Shanghai Pet Fashion Lifestyle Exhibition, Shanghai Pet Fashion Design Competition, and Shanghai Pet Fashion Summit Forum.

The highlight of this year’s “Shanghai Pet Fashion Week” is the concept of “human-pet fashion” being proposed for the first time, with the theme of “exquisite pet fashion lifestyle”. The event will showcase three major highlights: firstly, an upgrade in runway stage aesthetics and lighting, with different scenes and themes for different “shows”, featuring not only pet clothing but also accessories such as bags, enriching the product categories; secondly, the models participating in the runway show will include not only dogs and cats but also exotic pets; in addition, more cross-industry platforms will participate in jointly creating the scene of human-pet fashion.

At the press conference, Ms. Yu Xiaochun, the hostess of the pet fashion brand Petstar and Vice President of Hangzhou Tianyuan Pet Supplies Co., Ltd., was exclusively invited to speak. She shared Petstar’s in-depth understanding of the concept of “human-pet coexistence” and its expectations for this year’s Pet Fashion Week. Ms. Yu stated that Petstar is the first full-category pet product independent brand under Tianyuan Pet, positioning itself as “aesthetic living for human-pet coexistence”, advocating mutual companionship and healing between humans and pets. “Fashion, aesthetics, and art are the unique brand labels and symbols of Petstar.” Based on this brand positioning and label, Petstar will always be committed to launching high-quality, full-category, and all-scenario human-pet themed products, providing fashionable and healthy solutions for human-pet lifestyles, thereby enhancing the quality of life for both pets and their owners, and realizing the vision and blueprint of “making pet love healthier”. This is also the brand mission proposed by Tianyuan Pet, a leading listed company in the industry.

Ms. Yu Xiaochun pointed out that as a domestic emerging pet fashion brand, Petstar’s products were loved and sought after by many pet parents as soon as they were launched. In order to better meet the needs of domestic pet lovers, Petstar recently reached cooperation with domestic first-line trendy pet stores such as Power Pet Department Store. Currently, some of the brand’s main products have been stationed in the Shanghai C-Park store of Power Pet Department Store, and a variety of on-site member promotion activities will be launched during the opening season of the second phase of Power Pet Department Store in April.

“The joint participation in Shanghai Pet Fashion Week and the launch of a series of exhibition contents and two theme shows around the theme of pet fashion are also important initiatives for Petstar’s domestic layout,” Ms. Yu said. The cooperation between Petstar and Shanghai Pet Fashion Week started last year, and in the future, the cooperation between the two parties will be further deepened. “This is not only due to the brand positioning of Petstar, but also the common vision and expectations of us and the organizers of Shanghai Pet Fashion Week.”

It is understood that the launch of the Petstar brand is a concrete action taken by Tianyuan Pet to continuously enrich its product line, actively respond to market demand, create a healthy human-pet lifestyle, and improve the quality of life for both pets and their owners. This move also demonstrates Tianyuan Pet’s strategic consideration of continuously strengthening its own brand and deeply cultivating the domestic market.

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