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How To Customize Your Dog Bed?

How To Customize Your Dog Bed
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Petstar is a global pet supplies supplier with over 20 years of experience in international trade. We manufacture pet products for clients of all sizes, ranging from large supermarkets and brands to local stores and online platforms. We often encounter clients who require customized products, especially brand owners who seek to differentiate themselves in the market with unique pet supplies. For novice purchasers and brand owners, I will provide a brief overview of our customization process here to answer the question of “How To Customize Your Dog Bed”.

Customization Options for Dog Beds

At Petstar, we offer a range of customization options for dog beds, including style, shape, size, material, color, and logo. So, it’s important to clarify what you want to customize.

Style: Customers typically have their own designs. We can either customize directly based on your drawings or provide various styles for you to choose from through our design team. You just need to share your ideas.

Shape: Common shapes for customized dog beds include rectangular, polygonal, circular, pillow-shaped, and more. Customers can choose their preferred shape.

Size: All sizes are customizable, with recommendations provided by our design team based on your needs.

Material: Dog beds comprise fabric and filling. We offer fabric and filling samples for customers to choose from. Common fabrics include plush, oxford, woven fabric, canvas, etc., while common fillings include PP cotton, memory foam, orthopedic cotton, cooling gel sponge, and more.

Color: Colors are customizable, and we provide a color card for selection.

Logo: Provide us with your logo, and we can customize it on the dog bed. Options include leather labels, cloth labels, embroidery, woven labels, and more.

Customization Process for Dog Beds

Inquiry For Dog Bed Design

You can inquiry us for customization, and let us know your specific ideas, if you have design-style images, you can share them with us. Our dedicated design team will assist you with design.

Selecting Dog Bed Shape and Size

Once you’ve settled on your design style, you’ll also need to choose the shape and size of the dog bed. Common shapes for dog beds include rectangular, polygonal, circular, pillow-shaped, and sofa-style. While you can opt for these common shapes, you’re also free to choose others, although it’s important to confirm feasibility with our design team. Each shape of the dog bed comes in standard sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, but we can also accommodate special sizes upon request. Once the style, shape, and size are determined, we can create 2D design drawings.

Selecting Dog Bed Material and Color

According to the design drawings, we need to choose the material for the dog bed. We offer a variety of common fabrics and fillings for selection,  fabrics including plush, Oxford, textile, and canvas, as well as fillings such as PP cotton, memory foam, orthopedic foam, and cooling gel sponge.

Simultaneously, we select colors based on the corresponding fabrics. We provide fabric samples and a color card for selection. Our design team will also provide recommendations on the material and color of the dog bed, consulting with the client to achieve a unified style and cost-effective production solution.

PV Plush
Rabbit Fur
Shredded Sponge
Bamboo Char-Coal Sponge
Memory Foam
Cooling Gel Sponge
Spray-Bonded Cotton
Coil Springs
PP Cotton
Egg Crate Sponge

Customize Your Logo​

If you require a customized logo, please provide us with your logo design. You can choose the logo technique, size, and placement according to your preferences. Common logo placements on dog beds include leather tags, fabric labels, embroidery, and woven labels, each with varying costs. Our design team will assist you in selecting the most suitable option.

Making Dog Bed Samples

Once all customization details are finalized, we will proceed to make a sample dog bed according to the design. This sample will be presented to the client for discussion and any necessary adjustments. After the final product evaluation and confirmation, if there are no issues, we will commence bulk production in our factory based on the confirmed design, fulfilling the client’s purchase order.


The aforementioned process outlines our customized dog bed procedure, covering everything from initial inquiry and design concepts to selecting bed styles, shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and logo customization. Now you have a general understanding of How To Customize Your Dog Bed! If you only need to customize a few options, the entire process can be streamlined and expedited.

Petstar is a global supplier of pet products with nine factories worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in dog bed manufacturing, we boast professional R&D, design, and sales teams to provide tailored wholesale solutions for your pet bed needs. We support OEM/ODM services, so feel free to contact us with inquiries or ideas for purchasing dog beds. We’re here to help you bring your vision to life!


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