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Custom Dog Blanket

Unleash comfort and style with our Custom Dog Blanket. As a leading pet product manufacturer, we craft a diverse range of canine comforts – from waterproof to self-warming, anti-static to personalized patterns. Tailor-made to suit your brand, choose custom sizes, colors, and even add your logo. 

Dog Blankets

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Welcome to Petstar – Your Trusted Custom Pet Blanket Factory with Over 20 Years of Expertise. As pioneers in pet product manufacturing, Petstar combines decades of design and production experience. We specialize in crafting a diverse range of Dog Blankets, each equipped with unique features such as waterproofing, self-warming, and anti-static properties.

Dive into customization options with a spectrum of patterns, fabric choices including plush, knit, and cotton, and personalized sizing, colors, and logos. Our commitment to excellence extends to offering OEM/ODM services, allowing you to create the perfect Pet Blanket that suits your preferences.

Experience the pinnacle of pet comfort with Petstar – where innovation meets craftsmanship, and your pet’s well-being is our priority.

Pet Blankets Fabric For Choose

We provide mass customization of pet blankets. We can implement any fabric. You can tell us which fabric you need.

Bunny Velvet
Knitted Cloth
PV Plush
corduroy pet cat blanket

What Are Our Functional Dog blankets?

  1. Waterproof Dog Blanket: Say goodbye to messy accidents! Our waterproof dog blanket is designed to repel liquids, ensuring that your pup stays clean and dry. Ideal for outdoor adventures, it’s the perfect solution to keep your furry friend comfortable even in the rain.

  2. Self-Warming Dog Blanket: Keep your canine companion cozy on chilly nights with our self-warming dog blanket. Crafted with innovative materials that retain and reflect your pet’s body heat, this blanket provides a warm and comfortable haven during cold weather, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

  3. Anti-Static Dog Blanket: Tired of dealing with pet hair clinging to everything? Our anti-static dog blanket is the solution. Specially designed to reduce static and prevent your dog’s fur from sticking, it helps maintain a cleaner environment and keeps both your pet and their surroundings free from annoying hair buildup.

  4. Antibacterial Dog Blanket: Prioritize your pet’s health with our antibacterial dog blanket. Crafted with advanced materials that resist bacterial growth, this blanket not only provides a soft and comfortable space for your pet but also promotes a hygienic environment, protecting against harmful microbes and ensuring your furry friend stays healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a range of customization options, including different sizes, colors, materials, and personalized designs. You can choose the features that best suit your brand and customer preferences.

Yes, we offer the option to incorporate your logo or branding on the dog blankets. Our design team can work with you to create a customized look that aligns with your brand identity.

The minimum order quantity for custom dog blankets depends on the specific customization and size requirements. Our sales team will provide you with details based on your needs.

We offer a variety of materials, including fleece, Sherpa, cotton, and more. The choice of material depends on your preferences and the specific needs of your customers. Our sales team can help you select the most suitable option for your custom blankets.

The production time for custom orders varies depending on the complexity of the customization and the order quantity. Our sales team will provide you with an estimated timeline once the details of your order are finalized.

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