Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

Petstar is one of the largest manufacturers of pet products globally

Design & Manufacture Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

More than 25 years of production experience

Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees

Petstar manufactures various styles of Floor To Ceiling Cat Trees, including floor to ceiling cat tower,floor to ceiling cat condo, floor to ceiling cat scratcher, floor to ceiling cat furniture, etc. We support OEM/ODM, and you can also custom cat tower floor to ceiling. Customization options include style, size, color, material, and logo. Welcome to inquire!

Ceiling To Floor Cat Tree Custom Slim Tall Cat Scratch Post
Floor To Ceiling Cat Post Wood Cat Scratching Tree Tower Condo
Tall Sisal Cat Posts Big Floor To Ceiling Cat Scratch Post
Tall Cat Scratching Posts Adjustable Floor To Ceiling Cat Condo
Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree Adjustable Cat Hammock Furniture
Floor To Ceiling Cat Condo Tall Cat Tower Tree

Company Profile

Petstar, a global manufacturer of pet products, has been deeply involved in the pet industry for over 25 years. With a global supply chain and nine factories worldwide, we empower businesses of all sizes globally.

Petstar produces pet products in all categories, including pet beds, cat trees, pet toys, pet feeders, pet clothing, pet electronics, and more, with over 30,000 products available. We have a professional R&D design team that produces two product catalogs annually and provides design services to our clients.

For floor to ceiling cat trees, we offer various styles, expanded functionalities, and quality assurance. We support customization of styles, materials, sizes, colors, and logos. Feel free to contact us!

Production Area

Cat Tree Floor To Ceiling Deign

We have a professional R&D design team that develops 80+ new products annually, resulting in the creation of two product catalogs per year.
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Adjustable Height

The height of ceiling to floor cat tree is adjustable to fit various ceiling heights.


It features not only a cat scratch post but also multiple functional areas like a cat condo and cat platform.

High Quality

Crafted from premium materials, ensuring safety, reliability, and durability.

2500m² Showroom
Welcome to our expansive 2500㎡ sample room, where you can explore a diverse collection of over 30,000 high-quality products, designed to cater to all your needs. Our aim is to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience that's both convenient and satisfying.

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