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As a global pet product manufacturer, Petstar is dedicated to researching, designing, and producing cutting-edge solutions for pets to combat the heat. Our innovative product, the cooling dog bed, boasts advantages such as cooling, breathability, and quick-drying features. Additionally, we offer customization options for size, color, and logo to meet your specific needs. Experience the ultimate in pet comfort with Petstar’s Cooling Dog Beds.

Dog Cooling Bed

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Petstar is a professional pet bed factory with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing pet beds. Committed to ensuring pets can withstand the heat and enjoy cool comfort, our research and design team has delved into fabric and filling innovations. We’ve developed new materials and fillings with cooling effects, such as ice gel sponge, wire coil, breathable mesh, and more. Expanding on this expertise, our dog cooling beds not only provide a cooling sensation but also boast features like breathability, quick-drying, waterproofing, and stain resistance.

Moreover, we offer customization options for size, color, packaging, and the ability to incorporate your logo and brand. If you’re interested, please send an inquiry to contact us.

What Fabric And Filling Options Are Available For Cooling Dog Bed?

self-cooling fabric

Self-Cooling Fabric

Our design team has developed an innovative fabric – the self-cooling fabric, which, upon examination, demonstrates a remarkable self-cooling effect. Compared to regular fabrics, it maintains a temperature approximately 3 degrees lower. Additionally, it offers enhanced breathability, ensuring that pets can stay cool and comfortable.

Breathable Mesh 

Our design team has crafted a distinctive sandwich mesh design that maintains ample airflow and circulation, allowing pets to dissipate body heat from the bottom. This design promotes breathability, keeping them cool and comfortable.

Breathable Mesh Fabric
Wire Coil Filling

Wire Coil

Our design team has developed the wire coil, a filling for pet beds. This not only ensures further internal air circulation, promoting cool and breathable conditions without stuffiness but also provides excellent support.

Ice Gel Sponge

Our design team has introduced a new type of sponge – the ice gel sponge, which, compared to regular sponge material, has a cooling effect, providing a cooler experience. Additionally, it retains the elasticity and support typical of regular sponge materials.

Ice Gel Sponge
cooling pad

Cooling Mat

The pet cooling mat can be used not only inside a pet bed but also independently. It possesses excellent heat absorption and dissipation capabilities. Placing it in the refrigerator enhances its cooling effect when taken out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the cooling dog bed suitable for all breeds?

Yes, our cooling dog beds are designed to cater to dogs of all breeds. We understand the diverse needs of pets and ensure that our products provide optimal comfort for every furry friend.

2. Can the dog cooling bed be used outdoors?

Yes, many dog cooling beds are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. But, it is advisable to check the product specifications to ensure suitability for outdoor environments.

3. Can you customize the size and color of cooling dog beds for our store?

Absolutely! We offers comprehensive customization options, allowing you to choose the perfect size and color that aligns with your store’s aesthetic and customer preferences.

4. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for customizing cooling dog beds?

The minimum order quantity for customization may vary based on specific requirements. Connect with our sales team, share your customization needs, and we’ll provide detailed information on the MOQ for our cooling dog beds.

5. How can I place a custom order for the cooling dog beds?

Placing a custom order is easy. Simply get in touch with our dedicated sales team, discuss your specific requirements, and we’ll guide you through the seamless process of placing a customized order for our cooling dog beds.

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