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Best Heated Cat Beds Wholesale

Petstar, your one-stop global pet supply provider with a worldwide supply chain. We specialize in manufacturing and wholesaling the best heated cat beds. Specifically designed for cold climates, our heated cat beds feature advanced materials and filling, providing warmth and self-heating capabilities for a cozy experience for your feline friends. We offer customization options with OEM/ODM support.

Heated Cat Beds

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Heated Cat Bed Factory

Petstar, your one-stop global pet supply provider, boasts a worldwide supply chain and operates nine factories globally. With over 20 years of experience in crafting pet beds, our dedicated pet bed factory produces a variety of cat beds in different styles.

Specifically addressing the challenge of cold climates, we design and manufacture heated cat beds with a focus on advanced materials and filling. These beds offer warmth and self-heating functionality, ensuring a cozy and comfortable experience for your feline companions.

We offer customization options for style, color, size, and material. Additionally, we support logo and brand customization, welcoming OEM/ODM collaborations.

What Are The Best Heated Cat Beds?

heated cat beds

Heated Cat Beds

Discover the ultimate in pet comfort with our Heated Pet Beds. Going beyond the warmth of conventional fabrics and fillings, our beds are equipped with a removable heater for an unparalleled cozy experience.

The removable heater features a three-layer insulation design, incorporating insulating cloth, a heating wire, and another layer of insulation. Powered by a USB Type-A charging connector, it can be easily connected to a portable power bank, ensuring continuous heating to maintain a comfortable temperature.

With an automatic thermostat function, the heater keeps the bed at a steady temperature, approximately 108°F/42°C. The heater is designed to be flexible and resistant to chewing, ensuring durability and safety for your pets. For added convenience, the heater is detachable and washable when not in use.

Certified for safety, our Heated Pet Beds provide the optimal combination of comfort and security for your beloved pets.

Self Warming Cat Beds

Introducing our Self-Warming Cat Beds, crafted for the ultimate comfort of your feline friends. These beds feature a combination of soft filling, Clima fiber, and self-warming fiber, creating a three-layered self-warming fabric that ensures constant warmth and insulation.

The innovative design incorporates self-warming fiber and Clima fiber, providing a dual-function warmth mechanism. As your pet’s body temperature increases, the fabric absorbs excess heat; conversely, when the temperature drops, the fabric releases stored heat. This unique system maintains the bed at an optimal temperature range of 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Rest assured, our beds undergo thorough testing and certification to guarantee the highest quality and comfort for your beloved pets.

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