Cat Cave Wholesale

With over 20 years of expertise in crafting cat caves, Petstar brings you a diverse range of styles in cat cave beds. Explore our cat cave wholesale options with customizable features, including fabric choices, sizes, and personalized logos. Elevate your pet product offerings with Petstar quality and innovation.

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Cat Cave

Halloween Cat Cave Designer Pet Beds
Elegant Quality Cat Bed Cozy Cave Pet Beds
Cute Cat Cave Soft Plaid Pet Cozy Cave Bed
Cute Cat Cave Bed Oak Fruit Shape Pet Cozy Cave
Cozy Cave Pet Bed Manufacturer Warm Cat Cave Bed
Cozy Cat Cave Bed Winter Pet Warm Bed
Cat Cave Pet Bed Soft Short Plush Dog Bed
Cat Cave Cat Bed Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed
Cat Cave Beds Tie Dye Pattern Printed Pet Cave
Black Cat Cave Halloween Pet Cave Bed
Best Cat Cave Bed Pet Bed House
2 In 1 Cat Cave Antibacterial Cozy Cave Pet Bed

Cat Cave Bed Factory

Petstar stands out as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cat caves. Our cat cave beds are primarily manufactured in China, the United States, Cambodia, and Poland, allowing us to save on shipping costs and provide localized services. With rich experience in the design, customization, production, and wholesale of cat bed caves, we cater to various styles and continuously expand functionality.

Our wholesale and production services encompass a wide range of cave cat bed styles, featuring innovative functionalities such as self-heating, anti-static, foldable, and portable designs. To meet the diverse needs of buyers, we offer customization options for size, color, and fabric. Additionally, we provide the option to personalize with your brand and logo.

Our cat cave factory holds certifications including GRS, OEKO-TEX, FSC, ensuring our commitment to quality and sustainability. Welcome to explore the possibilities of OEM/ODM with Petstar, where innovation and customization meet excellence.

Cat Caves Fabric For Choose

We provide mass customization of cat caves. We can implement any fabric. You can tell us which fabric you need.

Bunny Velvet
Knitted Cloth
PV Plush

Cat Caves Featured Recommendations

2 in 1 Cat Cave

2 in 1 cat cave bed–the ultimate cat house bed that transforms into a cozy cat sofa bed. This foldable design caters to a variety of your cat’s needs, providing both a secure hideaway and a comfortable lounging space.

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