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Cat Tunnel Bed Manufacturer

Discover Petstar, a global pet product manufacturer with 20+ years of expertise in crafting pet beds. Our Cat Tunnel Bed series seamlessly blends playfulness, comfort, and concealment. Perfect for wholesale and customization, our beds cater to various styles, colors, and sizes. Embrace the opportunity for OEM/ODM collaborations. Explore innovation and comfort with Petstar.

Cat Tunnel Bed

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Tunnel Cat Bed Factory

Welcome to Petstar, a global pet product manufacturer with a network of 9 factories worldwide. Within our diversified production, we take pride in our specialized pet bed factory, leveraging over 20 years of experience in designing and crafting pet beds. In response to market demands, we present the Cat Tunnel Bed series – a versatile collection combining playfulness, comfort, and concealment.

Our Tunnel Cat Beds are designed for multi-functional use, catering to your cat’s needs for play, rest, and hiding. We offer wholesale options and production services, allowing you to customize styles, colors, sizes, and more. Embrace the opportunity for OEM/ODM collaborations with Petstar, where quality and customization meet.

Explore the world of Cat Tunnel Beds with Petstar – where innovation, comfort, and customization come together.

Cat Bed And Tunnel Fabric For Choose

We provide mass customization of cat bed tunnels. We can implement any fabric. You can tell us which fabric you need.

Bunny Velvet
Knitted Cloth
PV Plush

Tunnel Cat Bed Featured Recommendations

Cat Tunnel Bed

Luxury Cat Tunnel Bed

Introducing YF100567, a luxury cat tunnel bed that seamlessly combines the comfort of a cat bed with the interactive design of a cat tunnel. This innovative piece offers a multifunctional experience, serving as a cozy resting space, a playful area for games, and a hidden retreat for your feline friend.

With its detachable design, the YF100567 transforms effortlessly into a cat bed, providing a snug sleeping spot. Alternatively, it can shape-shift into a captivating cat tunnel, offering a playful and secure environment for cats’ enjoyment.

Experience the versatility of YF100567, contact us for inquiries, and let’s collaborate on manufacturing and wholesale opportunities.

Tunnel Cat Bed

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of customization options, including size variations, a wide range of colors, and different materials for the cat tunnel bed. You can tailor the products to meet the preferences of your customers and the specific demands of your market.

MOQs may apply based on the level of customization and materials chosen. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements, and we’ll provide details regarding any applicable minimums for bulk orders.

Yes, we provide competitive wholesale pricing for bulk orders. Our sales team will happily share pricing details and collaborate with you to ensure a cost-effective solution for your retail business.

The lead time depends on the order quantity and customization specifications. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeline once we have the details of your order.

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