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Exploring Future Trends in the Pet Industry: Insights from the CIPS Pet Exhibition

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Petstar Shines at 27th CIPS: Innovations & Industry Trends

On December 7, the 27th China International Pet and Aquarium Exhibition (CIPS) opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As one of the most influential supply chain docking platforms in the international pet industry, CIPS focuses on the major manufacturers in the world’s pet and aquarium industry. After 26 years of development and improvement, CIPS has become a benchmark for industry development, a release platform for the latest products, a professional venue for trade transactions, an international exchange platform for industry professionals, and a center for quality and innovation.


The 27th Great Wall Pet Expo has upgraded its activities and communication methods. Before the exhibition begins, a new product voting activity with the theme of “NEWⁿ” will be launched. Exhibitors are soliciting new products to be launched in the second half of 2023, and the audience will vote to select the top one in their minds.


After fierce competition, Petstar stood out from exhibitors from all over the country. The independently developed and designed swing-arm lifting cat tree, Yuansu smart cat litter box and teeth cleaning and chewing toys will be the top three products at the exhibition site. 


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In addition to these three star products, Petstar also exhibited its independently developed pet products, smart products, creative toys and other products. This event attracted major exhibitors, international buyers and pet industry professionals from around the world to focus on and share the latest trends in this industry. On the first day of the exhibition, Petstar’s booths (51B-023, 51B-131) ushered in a rush of visitors. Petstar’s outstanding independent research and development strength and innovative design attracted widespread attention.


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At the CIPS exhibition, Petstar not only displayed products, but also brought comprehensive sharing of the latest information about the pet industry to the industry. Petstar will use this grand platform to bring in-depth insights into pet lifestyle and industry development to the general audience. We look forward to injecting more innovation and vitality into the future development of the pet industry through this exhibition.

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Trust Built on Quality: The Cornerstone of Excellence

At the exhibition, Petstar found that many established companies have launched their own pet brands. In recent years, there have been many cases of large companies entering the pet market, such as Xiaomi’s smart cat litter box launched earlier this year and Semir Group’s recent announcement to enter the pet market.


The reason why these companies have been able to gain a foothold in the pet market is that in addition to their strong strength accumulated from years of rooting in the market, their brand credibility and user trust are also important capital for their success. This accumulation of capital has enabled them to gain a considerable market share in the pet market and demonstrate strong competitiveness.



Petstar believes that thanks to pet owners’ high requirements for “full transparency and traceability of product lines, and product quality without sacrificing quality”, large companies have a stronger voice and user recognition by virtue of their unique advantages in product lines.  After more than ten years of focus and accumulation, Petstar has built a product line with rich categories and large scale, which is the source of user trust and an important reason for its successful development. Providing users with the most reliable pet products has always been a key strategy for the sustainable development of Petstar, and it is also the cornerstone of users’ full trust in Petstar.

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Choosing Balance: Cost-effectiveness vs. Premiumization

At the exhibition, Petstar clearly felt the booming development of the pet products market. As the demand for human pets increases, supply categories also show an obvious trend of segmentation, and exhibits show sharp contrasts in the polarized trends.


On the one hand, affected by the global economic recovery and the epidemic, consumers are more cautious in choosing products. Pet owners pay more attention to cost-effectiveness and no longer easily pay for premium products.


On the other hand, the high-end development of pet products is gaining momentum. The rise of pet owners in the Z era and the penetration of the elevated status of pets and the concept of exquisite pet care have made them more willing to pay for high-end pet products.


At the exhibition, you can especially feel the opposition and unity of these two trends. For Petstar, cost performance and high-end are both core considerations in product development. How to balance the two has become the key to attracting consumers.


Taking the cat tree as an example, the traditional cat tree meets the cat’s climbing needs, but there may be installation problems. Petstar has developed a cat tree that can be lifted. Through the mechanical principle of the remote control device, the height of the cat tree can be adjusted according to the needs of the pet owner, which solves the problem of unstable installation. This measure aims to ensure high cost performance. At the same time, its convenience is improved through continuous product iteration. This strategy of integrating cost-effectiveness and high-endization runs through all product lines of Petstar.



For pet brands, pet exhibitions can accumulate momentum for future market expansion, and can also continuously enhance brand vision and understand the development status and trends of domestic and foreign industries. In 2024, Petstar will continue to organize exhibitions, fully tap potential customers, actively expand the pet product category line, and build an innovative model for Chinese pet owners to create a better life for pets.



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