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Petstar at Pet Fair South China 2023: A Snapshot of Pawsome Moments

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From November 24th to November 26th, the “Pet Fair South China 2023”, which is continuously cultivated by the pet industry flagship exhibition Asia Pet Exhibition, officially opened. The South China region is an important production and trade base. It has a leading economic development speed and has cultivated strong terminal consumption capabilities represented by first-tier cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is a strategic location that major pet brands must compete for. Petstar will pass this The exhibition will deeply explore the needs of the pet market in South China, further explore and develop the pet market in South China, and create a high-quality regional exhibition.
Petstar is based in Hangzhou, radiates across the country and faces the world. It continues to develop multiple categories of pet products around the living habits of cats, dogs and other pets and the interactive needs of human pets. As an early enterprise in the pet industry in China, Petstar has developed into a full-category, large-scale pet product supplier in my country after more than ten years of focus and accumulation, with comprehensive competitiveness in the pet field.
At this exhibition, Petstar combined the theme of “YA! Pet Life Collection” to bring pet daily necessities including winter dog beds, pet toys, and smart products, and invited exhibitors to explore a new ecology of harmonious life between humans and pets. Among them, many new products were launched at this exhibition, aiming to give new meaning to people’s pet life.

Strictly control quality and pursue excellence

As the spiritual needs of pet owners for people and pets to live together are increasing, traditional designs based solely on human perspectives are no longer able to meet the potential market demand. Petstar upgrades its products with a “double perspective of humans and pets”. It takes into account both pet comfort and human cleaning convenience in fabric selection, conducts in-depth research on pets’ sleeping habits, and creates more suitable designs for them. It also integrates products with home aesthetics. Think deeply. We cleverly integrate human-pet interaction into home scenes. This is not only the mainstream design concept of the future pet products market, but also the core and key to the sustainable development of Petstar.

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Keep working hard and keep innovating

With the rapid development of new technologies such as 5G, big data, and AI, while accelerating the maturity of IoT technology, the pet smart market has also ushered in a “golden period.” Petstar believes that as young people in the Z era gradually become the main group of pet owners, in order to provide better care and companionship for pets, product intelligence is an inevitable trend in the future consumption upgrade of pet owners. What smart products can provide: time cost and convenience needs, pet safety and health management needs, and human-pet interaction and entertainment needs. These three major needs will become major factors affecting consumers’ choice of products. Petstar firmly believes that only by rooting the brand concept of “making pets healthier” in the domestic and foreign product markets and product research and development processes, and continuing to innovate and innovate from the perspective of users and pets, can we win the trust and favor of consumers in the field of smart products.
In order to reflect the theme of this exhibition, Petstar commentators were specially invited to share the cutting-edge pet-raising lifestyle and unlock the symbiotic code of the human-pet relationship from a global perspective for the exhibitors. The commentator said that as more and more pet owners endow them with aesthetic and entertainment orientations, the value of pet ownership has gradually shifted from self-demand value to common demand value, which has also promoted the vigorous development of the pet products industry. According to data, the pet products industry will enter a period of important development opportunities in 2024 and will become an important consumption choice for young people, especially women.

With excellent quality and technological innovation as the foundation of the enterprise in the field of intelligence, and with improving the quality of life of users and pets as the fundamental concept of product research and development, Petstar strives to perfectly combine science and aesthetics and deepen the emotional communication in the daily lives of people and pets. From the initial smart water fountain, smart feeder, smart monitoring, to the smart cat litter box that will be launched in 2023, Petstar has gradually completed the product layout of the pet smart matrix. As a leading wholesaler of pet products at home and abroad, Petstar will firmly pursue innovation and change, continue to explore the future development path of the pet industry, and bring new upgrades and vitality to pet consumption across the country and even the world.


While the event has come to an end, our commitment to innovation continues at full throttle. If you’re interested in exploring our latest offerings, we invite you to reach out for our updated product catalog and quotation. Feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to the opportunity to connect and share our newest innovations with you!

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