Top 10 Wholesale Picks: Best Pet Beds in 2024

Top 10 Wholesale Picks dog bed
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As we venture further into 2024, the world of pet care is witnessing a remarkable shift towards elevating the comfort and well-being of our beloved furry friends. Pet owners, more discerning than ever, seek not just ordinary pet beds, but rather, extraordinary havens that seamlessly merge style, innovation, and, most importantly, the unmistakable joy their pets derive from restful slumber.


In this exclusive exploration, we present the “Top 10 Wholesale Picks: Best Pet Beds in 2024,” a meticulously curated selection that transcends the conventional boundaries of pet comfort. These aren’t merely pet beds; they are the epitome of modern luxury for our cherished companions. What sets them apart is not just their plush aesthetics but also the resounding endorsement they’ve received through consistently high sales volumes and user accolades.


In a marketplace saturated with options, these chosen pet beds have not only captivated the discerning eyes of pet owners but have also earned the genuine affection of our four-legged friends. The surge in user likes is a testament to the deep connection forged between pets and their newfound havens. For pet retailers navigating the dynamic landscape, these selections promise not just a boost in sales but a tangible enhancement of the human-pet bond.


Join us as we unravel the unique features that have catapulted these pet beds to the forefront of 2024’s pet care trends. From state-of-the-art materials to ergonomic designs, each pick has been meticulously evaluated to meet the evolving standards of both pets and their human companions. Embark on this journey with us, and discover the secrets behind the high sales volumes, glowing user reviews, and the undeniable allure that makes these pet beds the undisputed champions of comfort in 2024. Your quest for the perfect resting place for your pet ends here – where dreams and paws converge in perfect harmony.

Pick 1: Custom Size Gray Pet Bed

Custom Size Gray Pet Bed

Sizes: Choose from a range of options, including M, L, 2L, 3L, and 4L, to accommodate pets of different sizes.

  • M: 58.5 x 46 x H6cm
  • L: 74 x 53 x H8cm
  • 2L: 89 x 58 x H8cm
  • 3L: 102 x 69 x H9cm
  • 4L: 117 x 74 x H10cm

Packaging Details:

  • M:27X18XH18CM/1PC
  • L:32X19XH19CM/1PC
  • 2L:37X22XH22CM/1PC
  • 3L:42X24XH24CM/1PC
  • 4L:44X27XH27CM/1PC

Hot Selling Area: Proven popularity in the USA
Material: Customization option allows you to select a material according to your needs.
Application: Ideal for dogs and cats, doubling as a versatile Dog Crate Mat.



This custom size dog bed is characterized by its timeless and classic style, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatile functionality. Its classic design adds an enduring aesthetic appeal to any space, while the simplicity of its structure ensures it effortlessly integrates into various home decors.


Noteworthy is its cost-effectiveness, providing a budget-friendly yet high-quality option for pet owners. This dog bed proves that you don’t have to compromise on quality to stay within budget, making it a practical and valuable choice for both pets and their owners.

What sets this dog bed apart is its diversified functionality. Beyond serving as a cozy pet bed, it seamlessly transitions into a fitting addition to a dog cage. This dual-purpose design adds an extra layer of practicality, allowing pet owners to optimize space and provide a comfortable resting spot for their furry friends.

In summary, this dog bed embodies classic style, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatile functionality. It’s not just a place for your pet to rest; it’s a thoughtful addition to your home that prioritizes both style and comfort for your beloved canine companion.

Pick 2: Bone Shape Pillow Bed

Bone Shape Pillow Bed

Size: 99X68CM
Hot Selling Area: Proven popularity in the USA, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark.
Material: Plush
Application: dog pillow, cat pillow, dog crate mat
Packaging Details: 94X65XH55CM/8PCS



The standout feature of the Bone Shape Pillow Bed lies in its unique and visually appealing design. Shaped like a bone, this bed adds a delightful touch to any pet-friendly space, combining functionality with an eye-catching aesthetic.


Comfort is at the forefront of this pillow bed’s design, with plush padding that offers a luxurious and cozy retreat for your pet. The soft and comfortable surface ensures that your furry friend can rest peacefully, making it an inviting spot for relaxation.


Equipped with a non-slip bottom, this Bone Shape Pillow Bed provides stability and security. The non-slip feature ensures that the bed stays in place, even during your pet’s playful moments, preventing any accidental slips or shifts.


One of the key advantages for both individual pet owners and businesses is the competitive pricing of this pillow bed. The affordability, coupled with its appealing design and comfort features, makes it an excellent choice for bulk purchases. Whether you’re looking to enhance your pet’s living space or considering options for resale, the Bone Shape Pillow Bed combines quality and cost-effectiveness.

In summary, the Bone Shape Pillow Bed stands out for its distinctive design, plush comfort, non-slip functionality, and competitive pricing, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an attractive and affordable pet bed, especially in larger quantities.

Pick 3: Luxury Long Plush Pet Bed

Luxury Long Plush Pet Bed


  • S:Φ58.5XH14CM
  • M:Φ76XH17CM
  • L:Φ90XH20CM

Shape: Donut, providing a cozy and enclosed space for your pet to curl up and relax.
Material:Crafted from PV Plush, the bed offers an indulgent and soft surface, ensuring a furry friend experiences the epitome of comfort.
Application: Tailored for both cats and dogs, accommodating pets of various sizes and breeds.
Packaging Details:

  • S: 65 x 35 x H50cm, 8PCS per carton
  • M: 70 x 35 x H52cm, 8PCS per carton
  • L: 48 x 46 x H42cm, 4PCS per carton

The core feature of this dog bed lies in its plush material, providing an irresistibly comfortable surface that your pet will adore. The long plush design not only elevates the bed’s comfort level but also aligns perfectly with the current trend, making it a stylish choice for pet owners who prioritize both aesthetics and their pet’s well-being.

Pamper your furry companion with the Long Plush Dog Bed – where comfort meets contemporary style.

Pick 4: 3 Ways Use Self-Warming Pet Bed

3 in 1 Self-Warming Pet Bed


  • S:48X36XH35CM
  • M:60X45XH43CM

Shape: Innovative 3-in-1 design, providing a pet cave, pet sofa, and pet bed all in one.
Material: Features self-warming fiber Clima fiber Soft Filling for added coziness.
Application: Suitable for both dogs and cats, accommodating various sizes and breeds.


The standout feature of this heated dog bed is the self-warming fiber Clima fiber Soft Filling, ensuring your pet experiences a cozy and warm environment. The 3-in-1 design allows you to cater to your pet’s changing preferences, making it a versatile choice that adapts to their needs.


Beyond its functional excellence, this dog bed is aesthetically pleasing with a beautiful color palette, adding vibrancy to any corner of your home. Elevate your pet’s lounging experience with this stylish and adaptable 3-in-1 dog bed, where comfort and versatility converge in a visually appealing package.

Pick 5: Simple Stylish Large Pet Bed

Simple Stylish Large Pet Bed


  • M:75X55XH18CM
  • L:102X76XH18CM
  • 2L:120X88XH18CM


Material: Crafted from plush short material, ensuring a soft and luxurious surface for your furry companions.

Application:Ideal for large dogs or multiple puppies, providing ample space for comfort and relaxation.

Unique Features:
Two-in-One Design: The standout feature of this pet bed is its innovative two-in-one design, consisting of a bed and a pillow bed. These components are cleverly combined with buttons, allowing for easy disassembly and separate use, catering to different occasions and preferences.

Customizable Sizes: Support customized sizes, with the option to go up to 120 x 88 x H18cm. This flexibility ensures suitability for big dogs and multi-pet families, accommodating varying needs and sizes.

Easy to Clean: The bed can be effortlessly disassembled for convenient cleaning, ensuring hygiene and a fresh environment for your pets.

Its two-in-one design provides the flexibility needed for different settings and preferences, while the customizable sizes make it a go-to choice for large dogs and multi-pet households. The ease of disassembly for cleaning adds to the convenience, making this pet bed a practical and comfortable choice for both pets and their owners.

Pick 6: Expandable Pet Bed Blanket

Expandable Pet Bed Blanket


  • S: 47 x 37 x H16cm
  • M: 61 x 48 x H17cm
  • L: 75 x 58 x H18cm
  • 2L: 90 x 70 x H19cm

Material: Crafted from plush material, ensuring a soft and luxurious surface for your furry companion.
Application: Versatile use as a sofa blanket or a cozy dog bed, catering to your pet’s different needs.


The most outstanding feature of this pet accessory is its transformative nature. It ingeniously opens up to become a blanket, providing a warm and inviting space for your pet to lounge on the sofa. Conversely, it effortlessly folds up to create a plush dog bed, offering a comfortable retreat for your pet’s restful moments.

Users applaud the ingenious design of pet bed blankets, noting the convenience of having both a blanket and a bed in one. The plush material adds an extra layer of comfort, making it a favorite among pets. The adaptability of this pet blanket, coupled with its soft texture, truly enhances the overall pet lounging experience. Whether it’s providing warmth on the sofa or a cozy bed for a good night’s sleep, this pet accessory seamlessly combines practicality with comfort, making it a must-have for pet owners seeking versatility and luxury.

Pick 7: Human Dogt Bed

Human Dogt Bed

Size: 175 x 100 x H35cm, providing ample space for large dogs and multiple puppies.

Material: Luxurious plush material, ensuring a soft and comfortable surface for your pets to relax and play.

Application: Ideal for large dogs, multiple puppies, and interactive play sessions with your pets.



  • Large Size: The Grand Pet Lounge boasts an expansive size of 175 x 100 x H35cm, providing a generous space for large dogs or multiple playful puppies.
  • Versatile Use: Multiple ways to use make this lounge perfect for various activities, from lounging and napping to interactive play sessions with your pets.
  • Supports Sharing: Designed with the idea of shared comfort, this pet lounge supports quality bonding time between pets and their owners. Whether it’s a shared nap or playtime, the lounge provides a cozy space for both.
  • Non-Slip Bottom: The non-slip bottom ensures stability, keeping the lounge securely in place even during active play, providing a safe environment for your pets.
  • Plush and Comfortable: Crafted from plush material, the Grand Pet Lounge offers a comfortable and inviting surface, ensuring a delightful experience for your furry friends.
  • Handles for Carrying: For added convenience, the pet lounge comes equipped with handles for easy carrying.


Users appreciate the Grand Pet Lounge for its spacious design, versatility, and comfort. The non-slip bottom provides peace of mind during play, and the plush material ensures a cozy haven for pets. The added handles make it easy to transport, allowing pet owners to share quality time and comfort with their beloved pets wherever they go.

Pick 8: Bite & Claw Resistant Pet Bed

Bite & Claw Resistant Pet Bed


  • S: 80 x 60 x H17cm
  • M: 95 x 75 x H18cm
  • L: 120 x 85 x H20cm

Material: Crafted from high-quality, scratch-resistant material, ensuring a long-lasting and comfortable surface for your pets.



  • Water-Resistant: The bed is equipped with water-resistant properties, providing protection against accidental spills or wet paws. Your pet can enjoy a dry and cozy resting place.
  • Easy Cleaning: Designed with convenience in mind, this bed is easy to clean. Simply wipe away dirt or pet hair, maintaining a clean and hygienic space for your furry friend.
  • Friction-Resistant: The scratch-resistant material is also friction-resistant, ensuring that the bed maintains its integrity even with regular use. This feature adds to the bed’s longevity, making it an ideal investment.
  • No Toxins, No Smell: Prioritizing your pet’s health and comfort, this bed is crafted without toxins or unpleasant odors. Your pet can enjoy a safe and odor-free space for relaxation.



Users rave about the practical benefits of the Ultimate Pet Comfort Bed. The water-resistant feature is particularly appreciated for preventing moisture from penetrating the bed, while the ease of cleaning ensures a hassle-free maintenance routine. The scratch-resistant and friction-resistant properties guarantee a bed that withstands the test of time, providing a durable and comfortable space for pets.

Pick 9: Eco Pet Bed

Eco Pet Bed


  • S: Φ40 x H12CM ≈ 20 Bottles
  • M: Φ50 x H13CM ≈ 28 Bottles
  • L: Φ60 x H14CM ≈ 37 Bottles

Material: Crafted from environmentally friendly fabric, ensuring a cozy and sustainable space for your pet.



Recycled Material: The fabric used in the construction of this pet bed is sourced from recycled plastic bottles. Each bed size represents a meaningful reduction in plastic waste, promoting environmental sustainability.


Pet owners who prioritize sustainability appreciate the Eco-Friendly Pet Bed for its commitment to using recycled materials. Beyond providing a comfortable and inviting space for pets, this bed reflects a conscious effort to contribute positively to the environment by repurposing plastic waste.

Pick 10: Cooling & Self-Warming Dog Bed

Cooling & Self-Warming Dog Bed

Size: 75 x 60 x H17CM, providing a spacious and cozy retreat for your pet.
Material: Crafted from a combination of cool antibacterial touch fabric and self-warming fiber, ensuring the ultimate in comfort and hygiene.
All-Season Use: The bed comes with a unique blanket, featuring zippers for easy attachment. One side of the blanket is made of cool antibacterial touch fabric, offering a cooling effect, while the other side features self-warming fiber for added warmth. This dual-sided design ensures optimal comfort for your pet, making it suitable for both winter and summer seasons.


Pet owners appreciate the thoughtful design of the All-Season Comfort Pet Bed, especially the inclusion of the versatile blanket. The ability to switch between cooling and self-warming sides allows for year-round usage, ensuring that your pet remains comfortable and content regardless of the weather.

Elevate your pet’s lounging experience with the All-Season Comfort Pet Bed, where innovative design meets the diverse needs of your beloved furry friend.

Notice for Bulk Buyers When Choosing Pet Beds

As you embark on the journey of selecting pet beds in bulk, we want to ensure that your decision-making process is smooth and aligns seamlessly with the needs and expectations of your customers. Below are some crucial considerations to guide you in making the right choices:

  1. Size Variability:
    Ensure that the selection includes a variety of sizes to accommodate different breeds and sizes of pets. This ensures a comprehensive offering that caters to the diverse needs of your clientele.
  2. Material Quality:
    Prioritize pet beds crafted from durable, pet-friendly materials. Opt for options that are easy to clean, resistant to wear and tear, and provide a comfortable surface for pets to rest.
  3. Versatility and Adaptability:
    Look for beds that offer versatility in terms of usage. Beds that can be easily transformed or adapted to different settings (e.g., indoor, outdoor, travel) provide added value for pet owners.
  4. Environmental Sustainability:
    Consider pet beds made from sustainable or recycled materials. This not only aligns with eco-friendly practices but also caters to the growing market of environmentally conscious pet owners.
  5. Bulk Pricing and Discounts:
    Inquire about bulk pricing options and potential discounts for large orders. Establishing favorable pricing terms will contribute to a mutually beneficial partnership.
  6. Customization Possibilities:
    Explore if there are customization options available, such as color variations or the inclusion of your branding. Customized pet beds can set your business apart and enhance brand recognition.
  7. User Reviews and Ratings:
    Research and consider pet beds with positive customer reviews. Insights from other pet owners can provide valuable information about the satisfaction and durability of the products.
  8. Warranty and Return Policies:
    Familiarize yourself with the warranty and return policies offered by the supplier. Transparent and favorable terms will provide confidence in case any issues arise post-purchase.
  9. Packaging Efficiency:
    Ensure that the packaging is practical for bulk shipments. Compact, protective packaging helps in efficient storage, transportation, and distribution.
  10. Compliance with Safety Standards:
    Verify that the pet beds adhere to safety standards and regulations. This is crucial for ensuring the well-being of pets and maintaining the reputation of your business.


In the pursuit of providing the utmost comfort and luxury for our cherished pets, the “Top 10 Wholesale Picks: Best Pet Beds in 2024” presents a curated selection that transcends traditional notions of pet comfort. As pet owners increasingly seek extraordinary havens for their furry friends, these pet beds emerge as beacons of excellence, seamlessly combining style, innovation, and the undeniable joy that pets derive from restful slumber.


For pet retailers navigating the dynamic landscape, these selections promise not just a boost in sales but a tangible enhancement of the human-pet bond. As we unravel the unique features that have propelled these pet beds to the forefront of 2024’s pet care trends, it becomes evident that these are not merely beds – they are the epitome of modern luxury for our beloved companions.


Petstar – a leading full-category pet bed manufacturer that wholesales and produces a diverse range of dog beds. From classic and standard beds to orthopedic, donut, heated, elevated, cooling, travel, and customizable options, Petstar stands as a reliable source for quality and competitively priced pet beds.


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