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Petstar Annual Meeting 2024: Focusing on Execution and Agility

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Time does not stand still, and seasons flow like a river. In the blink of an eye, we have collectively traversed a year full of challenges and accomplishments. Every drop of sweat has solidified into steadfast progress, and every determined gaze has merged into an unstoppable force. None of this hard work would have been possible without the joint efforts of every member of the Petstar family. When the wind is favorable, it is time to set sail and pursue the waves towards the future. On January 27th, nearly seven hundred employees of the group participated in the grand annual celebration held by the company, themed “Focus on Execution, Agile Operations,” marking a vibrant stroke in the canvas of the past year. I am grateful to every member of the Petstar family for marching forward side by side, and I hope that in the future, we can unite with one heart, live towards the sun, and compose glorious chapters together.

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Petstar: Uniting Hearts, Shaping the Future

Music intertwines with emotion, calligraphy blends with recitation, and thus begins the grand ceremony. “Love animals, cherish them for a lifetime” – for this persistence. For this dream, we seize each day and make the most of our time. Today, our passion flows side by side with Tianyuan, as Petstar rises and the future arrives. Every sentence resounds, every stroke of ink on paper; the splendid audio-visual feast echoes in the hearts of all for a long time.

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“When the tide of Petstar rises, the future has arrived; simplicity is the key, and hard work is essential.” Hard work is like the gardener’s hoe, striking the earth to bring forth the fragrance of flowers; hard work is like the farmer’s plowshare, delving into the soil to yield spring blossoms and autumn fruits. In this era full of infinite possibilities and challenges, may all family members also create their own future within the vast Tianyuan family.

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Looking back on 2023, it was a year of growth and maturation for Petstar amidst storms and challenges, but also a year of embracing opportunities and flourishing. “Gathering strategic consensus, formulating strategic outlines,” Petstar has redefined its corporate strategy around its mission and objectives. By focusing on a common vision and pooling efforts under unified will, we have marched forward together towards goals at various stages, ensuring the continuous fulfillment of the company’s mission. The rapid deployment of overseas marketing and supply chain teams, along with accelerated progress in the domestic market, undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for a more robust expansion in 2024.

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In the year 2024, hope and challenges coexist, urging us to accurately assess opportunities, thoroughly analyze difficulties, and meticulously plan goals and tasks. It’s imperative to cultivate foresight to “see the opportunities first” and strive to take the lead before the starting gun fires.

As emphasized by the chairman in his address, in the new year, we will focus on three core indicators: “the belief to win the battle, ultimate cost-effectiveness, and talent and cultural construction.” These metrics are pivotal for transcending economic cycles and enhancing Tianyuan’s core competitiveness.

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For twenty-six years, Petstar has upheld unwavering craftsmanship, inscribing chapters of glory; for twenty-six years, sincere dedication has forged legends. Enduring the test of time, Petstar has risen from nothing, from small beginnings to great achievements.

Not given to idle dreams or empty boasts, every member of the Petstar family is tirelessly pursuing their dreams, becoming dream chasers of the new era. Let us take today’s gathering as a new starting point, meeting future challenges and opportunities with even greater enthusiasm and unwavering confidence.

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The entire event lasted for 6 and a half hours, divided into two chapters: “Chapter of Endeavor, Tianyuan Glory” and “Chapter of Gratitude, I am with You All the Way,” comprising 15 programs. Let us journey through time and space together, reliving those thrilling and deeply moving moments captured on screen. May these moments serve as a source of motivation for us to continue advancing in the new year.

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Petstar: Celebrating Unity and Excellence

A single flower in bloom does not make spring; it is the blooming of a hundred flowers that fills the garden.” The achievements of Petstar today are inseparable from the tireless efforts and hard work of all Petstar family members. In 2023, the Petstar family members remained steadfast in their original aspirations, persevering with unwavering determination and forging ahead with resolve. Through their actions, they embody the corporate culture of Petstar and script the epic saga of the Petstar family’s endeavors, injecting a source of inspiration into the company’s steady development.

During the highly anticipated and celebrated commendation ceremony, the group presented prestigious awards to outstanding employees, exceptional cadres, and exemplary teams. Cheers and applause from the audience filled the air as the power of role models guided all Petstar family members forward with courage and determination.

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A company cannot thrive without an excellent team, and an excellent team relies on outstanding leaders. They have led the team to achieve significant accomplishments in the international supply chain layout, making indispensable contributions to the company’s development. This conference has specially established the “President’s Special Award” to commend outstanding leaders who continuously delve into their work, overcome numerous challenges, and lead team members to work together and pursue excellence.

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Looking back on the eventful years gone by, and witnessing the picturesque beauty of today, Petstar has been established for 26 years. This year, many of our members have spent their 10th and 15th spring and autumn seasons at Petstar. They have witnessed Petstar’s growth and transformation, accompanying us through half of the years, half of the journey. For them, Petstar is not just a career, and for Petstar, they are more than just colleagues—they are like family.

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Petstar’s Gratitude Fund: Empowering Unity, Ensuring Support

Gratitude has always been the underlying value of Petstar, and Petstar has consistently practiced a culture of gratitude through various actions. In 2023, the company and the labor union jointly proposed the “Petstar Mutual Aid Fund” to provide more powerful support for the families who unfortunately encounter major illnesses and accidents, allowing them to smoothly overcome difficult times. The proposal for the “Petstar Mutual Aid Fund” underwent multiple rounds of discussion and revision, and was officially submitted to the labor union staff representative assembly for review and approval in December. It will be officially launched this year. From now on, all Petstar employees will have an additional stable guarantee mechanism.

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Petstar: A Banquet of Gratitude and Unity

In a graceful banquet, rewarding friendships, and awaiting delightful melodies,

As the evening banquet unfolds with a myriad of splendid performances, Amidst the clinking of glasses, another lively scene emerges.

We raise our cups high, expressing gratitude to colleagues for their mutual assistance and companionship, And extending heartfelt thanks to our leaders for their guidance and support.

The banquet is not merely a simple celebration, But also a platform for uniting our strengths, So that in the new year ahead, We may journey forward hand in hand, filled with gratitude and passion.

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Following that, a series of thrilling surprise draws further elevated the atmosphere to its climax.

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At this annual grand gathering, through a magnificent ceremony, we summarize the achievements and insights of the past year, and look forward to the goals and hopes of the coming year, heralding the prelude to a new year of progress amidst the passage of time. Every frame encapsulates our efforts and rewards, every moment carries the strength and wisdom of the team. Here, we have the determination to overcome challenges together, the smiles of shared success and joy, and the silent dedication in ordinary positions.

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Riding the momentum, a thousand sails compete, urging the steed forward, the time is ripe indeed.

In 2023, Petstar has already presented a perfect report card, yet the footsteps of our dreams never pause or retard.

Now, 2024 has arrived, with dreams illuminating the path ahead, the time for striving forward is exactly as it’s said.

Standing at this new starting line, Petstar’s family will uphold, the corporate culture of gratitude, innovation, and symbiosis, bold.

With diligence as our foundation, and persistence as our root, we’ll cut through thorns and obstacles, never dilute.

Maintaining an unwavering posture of progress, never to tire, we’ll steadfastly tread the path of high-quality development, aspire.

In the relentless toil and unwavering commitment we abide, riding the winds of progress, we embark on dreams far and wide!


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